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In the Maxima Kitchen Equipment range, you will find high-quality tray trolleys at low prices in various versions and for different purposes.

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In the Maxima Kitchen Equipment range, you will find high-quality tray trolleys at low prices in various versions and for different purposes.

What is a Maxima tray trolley?

In the hospitality industry, one of the main jobs is moving things from one place to another, taking dishes from the kitchen to the dining room and back again. Depending on what needs to be transported, you can use different catering trucks and trolleys. Rolling stock with the right characteristics for your needs is, therefore, a must in your hospitality establishment. A Maxima tray trolley has been specially designed to transport trays within a catering establishment. Because rack trolleys have standard dimensions, internal transport can be carried out safely.

For which companies are Maxima racking trolleys suitable?

Tray trolleys are available in many different models and have a wide range of applications. For this reason, the type of companies where you come across these trolleys is also extremely varied. In the hotel and catering industry, it is mainly the medium-sized and large businesses that make use of these trolleys. But these trolleys are also found in other industrial kitchens. A rack trolley is suitable for restaurants, hotels, and canteens in large companies or business complexes, halls and congress centres, hospitals, care institutions and large schools. Because of the diversity of the range, other companies can also use a Maxima racking trolley. For example, we sell several rack trolleys that have been specially developed for bakeries. So you will always find a model that is suitable for your purposes.

What distinguishes one Maxima rack trolley from another?

Although there are some differences in design, racks have a similar basic design. They are tall trolleys, in which several shelves have been placed in order to transport as many trays or tins as possible in one go. Whether a rack trolley is intended for the catering or bakery industries can be seen from the dimensions. Catering specimens make use of standard sizes for containers of 1/1 GN. The bakery models use the so-called bakery standard. This size is 60 x 40cm. You can order a Maxima tray trolley for bakeries with 1 x 16 shelves or 2 x 16 shelves. Naturally, the latter with a width of 980mm and a weight of 32 kg is heavier and more robust.

What are the standard characteristics of a Maxima racking trolley?

As mentioned before, our rack trolleys have more similarities than differences. Firstly, they are all made of stainless steel. This is neatly finished so that it is free of sharp edges and corners. Apart from the double bakery trolley, racks also have corresponding width, depth and height dimensions of 440 x 610 x 1735mm. Furthermore, the space between the shelves of the bakery trolleys is 85mm instead of 80mm. Features that are found in every Maxima racking trolley:

  • shelves with folded edges and double welding
  • one handle and four wheels
  • two wheels with brake function
  • bumpers around the legs
  • square tubes with a diameter of 25mm

Why should I buy a Maxima tray trolley?

If you have a baker's shop or a medium-sized to large catering company, you can't really do without a tray rack or bakery trolley. They provide the necessary space for the simultaneous transport of many GN bins, trays or bakery trays, which, thanks to the standard sizes used, remain perfectly in place. Because they’re made of stainless steel, the Maxima tray trolley will last for years and is easy to maintain and clean. Maxima Kitchen Equipment also provides tools to assemble the trolley supplied as a kit. This assembly is very simple and takes about ten minutes. If you have any problems, you can always contact our technical service.

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