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Steel Machine Tables for the lowest price

When you need bases for equipment and machines for use in the kitchen, Maxima Kitchen Equipment is at your service. We present the Maxima machine table, a useful piece of kit that lends itself to all kinds of catering equipment.

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Uses for a Maxima machine table?

Your kitchen staff prepare delicious food every day. A kitchen team uses various appliances, machines and cooking accessories, and when many people are working together, it’s important that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Kitchen appliances must be set up as practically as possible so that they're ready when they’re needed. With good organisation, the cooks and kitchen assistants can have everything within easy reach. This not only makes it possible to work more efficiently but also faster. However, not all machines and appliances come equipped with their own base. With a Maxima machine table, you can place these appliances at the right height anywhere in the kitchen.

Where would you find a Maxima machine table?

There are numerous kitchens where machine tables can be found among the equipment. Often these belong to caterers who prepare many meals every day. For example the industrial kitchens in hospitals, schools, care homes, conference venues and businesses. These kitchens are generally very large, so it’s useful to have a Maxima machine table as a base for equipment that cannot be easily moved. If the machines and appliances necessary for the preparation of specific dishes are placed together as much as possible, this can save the kitchen crew a lot of time and walking about. Machine tables are also used in smaller catering establishments and catering companies. Of course, the ability to move equipment depends on the available space.

What characterises a Maxima machine table?

Maxima Kitchen Equipment has several machine tables on offer. These are made of stainless steel and can be moved about thanks to the wheels underneath. Our tables all have a similar design, the width and height of the available models are the same, the only difference lies in the depth of the table. You can choose a depth of 60 or 80cm. Features that all Maxima machine tables have in common are:

  • width and height: 60 x 70cm
  • load capacity: 120 kg
  • four castors
  • two-wheel brake function
  • three layers for storing pans and cooking utensils

Is a Maxima machine table right for my kitchen?

Whether you use a mobile machine and equipment table in your kitchen depends on various things. First of all, ask yourself whether you often expect to use a movable base. The nature of your catering business or hospitality establishment plays a role in this. For example: if you specialise in ready-made meals, Maxima machine tables can be helpful in the processing of ingredients and the preparation of dishes. You can put the equipment you need together each day or for part of the day. The preparation of the meals can be speeded up. In addition to using them in a kitchen, you can also use a machine table when working on location.

How do you clean a Maxima machine table?

Because stainless steel is used in the construction of kitchen machine tables, it does not take long to maintain and clean them. Stainless steel is known for its robust character and low-maintenance properties. The material has a long life span and is not easily damaged. Nevertheless, a Maxima machine table should be cleaned regularly. After all, clean equipment and accessories are the centre of every kitchen. The maintenance of our stainless steel base tables just requires a soft cloth with tepid water and a mild all-purpose cleaner. From a maintenance and hygiene point of view, it is advisable to quickly remove spilled water from the stainless steel surface to prevent corrosion.

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