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Serving Trolleys for the lowest price

Maxima are known for their supply of essential kitchen equipment, but they also offer a large number of accessories to aid smooth service. Included in this list is the Maxima serving trolley, which can be easily ordered online or in person at our spacious showroom.

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When do you need a Maxima serving trolley?

Serving is best done quickly and with minimum effort to ensure food is kept fresh and presentable. The most labour-intensive way is to carry one or more plates and manually transport them from the kitchen to the dining room. Apart from the fact that this takes a lot of time when large quantities are involved, it is also not the safest or most hygienic way to serve breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners. In the hospitality industry, the serving trolley is, therefore, an indispensable aid to deliver meals cleanly and in style. You can carry multiple dishes on the trolley at the same time, meaning table guests can be served together. There are two types of Maxima serving trolleys available.

Which catering establishments use a Maxima serving trolley?

Maxima serving trolleys are used in many places where food is served, including larger catering establishments, such as restaurants and hotels. However, serving trolleys are also often used at parties, conferences and other meetings. Not just for food transportation, but also to serve coffee, tea and other drinks to visitors. And, of course, trolleys are also practical additions for hotels offering room service. A Maxima serving trolley replaces the traditional tray, but at the same time enables you to deliver more meals at once. It is, though, less suitable for terraces and outdoor catering.

What are the characteristics of a Maxima serving trolley?

Our serving trolleys differ from each other by the number of trays they are equipped with. Nevertheless, with a width of 950mm, a depth of 510mm and a height of 940mm, they have standard dimensions. If you choose three trays instead of two, the space between them is reduced. The trays and construction of a Maxima serving trolley are made of stainless steel. Other shared features are:

  • worktops with rounded edges
  • load capacity: 40kg per tray
  • worktops with reinforced corners
  • polished and welded corner seams
  • no sharp edges
  • four wheels with a brake function
  • legs with bumpers
  • 20mm square tube construction

How do I get my Maxima serving trolley delivered?

If you order one of the Maxima Kitchen Equipment service trolleys online, you will receive it within a few days from a reputable transport company. The delivery is sent as a flatpack, ready to assemble for use. It comes with all the tools needed to assemble it and should be ready to use in ten minutes flat. We aim to have all our products in stock, but if the product is on back order we’ll keep you informed of the delivery date via the product page.

How can you clean a Maxima serving trolley?

When working with food, cleaning the cooking utensils and supporting aids is a regular undertaking. Of course, most attention is paid to the kitchen. But an attractive and functional serving trolley is just as important. After all, it is used on a daily basis to transport food to and from the dining room, and thus between the guests. The Maxima serving trolley looks great and is made of stainless steel to eliminate the need for maintenance work. A soft cloth, warm water and gentle detergent will be all you need to keep it looking in tip-top condition.

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