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Oven Racks for the lowest price

Do you want to get the most out of your oven? Have you been searching for oven grates that fit without any fuss, every time? Oven grates from Maxima Kitchen Equipment might very well be the answer to your prayers. These stainless steel grates come in various universal sizes to fit a wide selection of ovens and steamers.

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What is an oven grate?

Professional ovens are generally large, providing plenty of space for different baking trays and sheets. With the use of an oven grate, you can divide the interior space of your oven effectively and make cooking more efficient. Look for a notch in the inside of your oven and simply slide the grate into place to create an additional shelf. These grates are made from durable stainless steel, with a fine lattice design. Not only can they be used as a base shelf for supporting trays and dishes, you can also grill foods directly on the grate itself. As all the bars of each grate are smooth and even, they are incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Why are oven grids so useful?

Every kitchen is different, with its own set of appliances, utensils and more. However, it’s always nice to find a universal product that can be put to good use in almost every kitchen. Oven grates are a fine example of this type of product. These oven racks are suitable for use with all manner of cooker and steamer types, regardless of individual brands and manufacturers. In fact, they’re made with universal GN and MCO sizes taken into consideration. You can enjoy the convenience of oven grates that fit perfectly into every oven at work in your kitchen. Mismatched racks and oven recesses need never frustrate you again!

What can oven grates be used for?

A quality collection of oven grates is an essential quality of any professional kitchen. These stainless steel racks have various applications, making them a versatile staple. First and foremost, oven grates can be used to create additional shelves within cookers, providing you with more space for food. Being able to load up an oven with multiple baking trays instead of one or two means you can deliver finished dishes more quickly and make your kitchen more efficient. A particular perk of oven grates is that the underside of baking trays loaded onto them are exposed to circulating air while cooking, resulting in a more even finish. Grates are very handy for grilling vegetables or meat in an oven. The stainless steel bars create attractive grill marks on the outside of your ingredients and provide an extra layer of flavour.

What oven grate varieties are available?

What’s the best way to clean oven grates?

Because oven grates and grills are used to cook all manner of foods, they’re regularly exposed to things like fat and oils, along with other food waste residues. However, the stainless steel composition of these grates allows for easy cleaning and a hygienic kitchen. If you’re stuck with stubborn residue clinging to your grates, simply soak the rack in question in hot soapy water for a while. After you’ve left the grate to soak, you can begin to remove the loosened leftovers with a brush. After that, they can be added to the rest of the dishwasher load for a spotless finish.

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