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If you have an industrial dishwasher, it is useful to supplement it with a sink. This ensures a hygienic working environment. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment you will find a sink to meet your needs.

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What is a sink?

In a professional kitchen, you will have to deal with dirty dishes. It is important to clean dishes as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the meantime, the kitchen also needs to stay neat and tidy. That's why it's useful to have specific places where your dirty dishes collect and where you rinse and wash dishes. A sink is just the place. These sink tables are made of durable stainless steel and are therefore easy to clean. They have enough space to store crockery racks so that you always keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Thanks to the sturdy sink it is easy to rinse dirty dishes before you put them in the dishwasher, so that your crockery is ultimately as clean as possible.

What characterises a good sink?

When you choose a sink for your kitchen, it is important that it is made of durable materials. Stainless steel is a good choice, as it can withstand a fair amount of stress and can carry a lot of weight. In addition, it is important to maintain the hygiene of the sink. You want to make sure your dishes are as clean as possible, so that's why it's good to purchase a unit that has an easy to clean surface. Furthermore, sufficient storage space is an important feature for a sink; sufficient space for crockery baskets and cleaning products are all useful.

What types of sinks are available?

How to use a sink?

It is very important to set up a sink in the most efficient way possible. That is why it is common to have sink benches connected directly to your dishwasher. Firstly, when loading the dishwasher, you can load dish baskets with dirty dishes, which you can then pre-rinse in the sink. Making sure that most of the food remains have already been removed before the dishwasher starts to work. After pre-rinsing, slide the dishes directly into the dishwasher. It is useful to also have a drainer from the dishwasher. This sink is the place where you place clean dish baskets, so that the dishwasher can be used again immediately. In this way, washing your dirty dishes is done as quickly as possible.

How do you clean a sink?

If you want your kitchen to remain as hygienic as possible, a clean sink is of course all-important. Fortunately, these sink fixtures are easy to clean, especially if you choose a stainless steel model. Wipe the surface with a wet cloth after each use. This will remove any food residue. Then use a special stainless steel cleaning product to kill all bacteria. Rinse the surface one more time, and then you’re ready to use it again. Place clean baskets on the rack under the sink so you can easily find them, so your kitchen is always tidy, safe and clean.

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