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Dough Mixer 60L - 38kg Dough - 2 Speeds - 400V

Article number: 09361060

This professional yet quiet dough mixer with a 60 litre mixing bowl is suitable for kneading various types of dough. Equipped with a powerful motor, you can knead up to 38kg of dough at two different speeds.

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Dough Mixer 60L - 38kg Dough - 2 Speeds - 400V

Kneading large amounts of dough by hand takes a lot of time and strength. If you add this professional dough mixer to your kitchen, you can easily knead up to 38kg of dough. The mixer bowl has a capacity of 60 litres and, like the dough hook, also rotates on its axis. Besides kneading dough for making bread, pizzas and cakes, this mixer is also suitable for mixing minced meat with herbs and other products. You can process up to 24kg of flour and up to 38kg of dough. The minimum quantity of dough is 20kg.

Quiet and powerful spiral mixer

The motor of this mixer is strong but quiet so that you can knead large portions of dough in peace. There are two speeds to choose from: 126 and 252RPM. You can select the desired speed using the the user friendly buttons for slow and fast. In addition, this dough mixer is safe to work with. The safety switch prevents the motor from overheating and switches the machine off as soon as this happens. Furthermore, the mixing bowl has a protection cage that must be closed before the appliance starts. In this way, it prevent objects from falling into the bowl during use, and accidents from happening. The dough mixer is also equipped with a start button and an emergency stop. The belt drive ensures a longer lifetime of the mixer.

Parts made of stainless steel

Thanks to the weight of this professional dough mixer, it is stable and does not vibrate during kneading. The mixing bowl and dough hook are made from stainless steel so that cleaning is easy. A damp cloth and mild detergent is all that is needed to clean the mixer. This dough mixer works on power current and the mixing bowl cannot be removed.

  • Robust and heavy spiral kneader with stainless steel feet so that it does not vibrate when in operation
  • A strong and quiet motor. No noise pollution
  • Stainless steel parts are easy to clean
  • Belt drive for longer life
  • Simple display, easy to operate
  • Net weight: 190kg
  • Capacity: 60L
  • Dimensions: B52,5 x D88, x H112cm
  • Mixing bowl dimensions: 50 ø x H33cm
  • Spiral speeds: 126 and 252RPM
  • Mixing bowl speed: 12,6 and 25,2RPM
  • Max. quantity of flour: 24kg
  • Max. quantity of dough: 38kg
  • Min. quantity of dough: 20kg
  • Total electrical power: 2,4kW
  • 400V/50Hz/3Phase 2400W

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+ Powerful but quiet dough mixer for kneading ingredients up to 38kg into smooth dough
+ Thanks to its weight, the mixer is stable and does not vibrate during use
+ Two speeds can be selected on the user friendly control panel
+ Easy to keep clean
- The mixing bowl cannot be removed
- Heavy mixer to move around
- Operates on power current

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