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Maxima Refrigerator

Professional refrigeration changes the way you do business, in a good way. After all, our products are designed with the aim of helping you and your business. With our wide range of refrigeration we are able help many bars, hotels, restaurants, and even hospitals. So whatever your needs are, we will help you to keep things cold. All our machines are carefully tested to ensure superb quality and minimal downtime.

The catering and hospitality business is easily damaged by bad service, and even worse, bad food and drinks. Storing food and drinks in the correct way is more important than ever due to the ever increasing knowledge of customers, and to keep them safe, a good cooling solution is perhaps the number one thing to improve.

Our professional refrigerators are all build from stainless steel and a finish of luxury but durable materials. The contents are safe with our build-in locks, the doors are sealed with antibacterial rubber. The rounded corners make the machine east to clean, while the digital temperature control takes care of daily business. The automatic defrosting saves you time and the cooling fan helps to prevent strong odours.