Ice Cube Maker

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Maxima Ice Cube Maker

Almost every professional catering business makes use of an Ice Cube Maker. Our own Maxima collection consists of several ice cube makers with a stainless steel casing.

Choosing the right Ice Cube maker can be difficult. Which ice cube maker suits your business depends on the capacity needed. Restaurants or bars serving wine and champagne may need a greater capacity, due to the fact that they need a lot of ice for their wine coolers. The same goes for serving cocktails, which also requires a larger ice cube maker.

During the summer you will probably use an ice cube maker much more often than during winter or fall. Make sure that when choosing an ice cube maker you take these moments into account to avoid a shortage of ice cubes.

The quality of a Maxima Ice cube maker does not only show in the product itself. Maxima aims to deliver the best service, both before, during and after your purchase with us. When thinking about buying an ice cube maker we are here to help you out. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you require some more information. You can contact use by email, telephone or 24/7 live chat to ask us anything about an ice cube maker or any of our other products.

Even though we aim for the best quality, it sometimes happens our products show some sign of defect. Even then you will not have to worry. Maxima has its own technical support department to help you with any problem you might face when using our equipment.