Bar Fridge / Bottle Cooler

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Maxima Bar Fridge / Bottle Cooler Bar Fridge / Bottle Cooler

Each drink has an optimal serving- temperature, our Bottle Cooler/ Bar Fridge will keep each beverage etcetera at their specific desired temperatures. Beverages and Beers are enjoyable when cold, but other drinks like Sambuca are usually served at different temperatures. That is why a Bottle Cooler helps you with serving each drink at the best possible temperature. The happiness of your customer is your wish, and helping you is what we do best. With our expertise and experience in designing Bottle Coolers and Bar Fridges you are sure to get your customers the best experience when visiting your hotel, bar, or restaurant.

Each bottle will be safely stored behind the double-glazed doors, which can be locked with the build-in locks. The stainless steel grids can be adjusted to you needs, and the cooling system with fan keeps everything cool. The defrosting is done automatically which saves you time, and the setup is easy due to the adjustable feet.