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Whipped Cream Machines for the lowest price

Take a lot of work off your hands with a professional whipped cream machine. Beating whipped cream by hand is a thing of the past. With the Maxima whipped cream machines, you can make delicious dishes with freshly whipped cream just when you need it. And all this at the touch of a button. Maxima's professional whipped cream machines are ideal for ice cream shops and other catering establishments.

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What do you use a Maxima whipped cream machine for?

Do you serve fresh whipped cream, milk foam or mousses every day in your ice cream parlour, restaurant or snack bar? Then a Maxima whipped cream machine is a welcome solution. No more sore arms from beating or having stray mixer parts and whipped cream canisters lying around. A whipped cream machine works completely automatically so that you can prepare delicious fresh whipped cream in the blink of an eye and keep it in perfect condition until you need it.

What kind of ingredients is a whipped cream machine suitable for?

Professional whipped cream machines not only beat fresh, UHT or vegetable whipped cream, you can also use these machines to make lighter or heavier creams. You can use them to make tasty mousses or for frozen desserts. You can also create various flavours by, for example, adding vanilla or chocolate to the liquid whipping cream. The whipped cream machine does the work for you and you can steal the show with your desserts made with a deliciously flavoured whipped cream. Do you have a coffee bar? Then the Maxima whipped cream machine is also a good choice for you. With a single push of a button, our professional whipped cream machines also make firm milk froth with which you can finish your cappuccinos.

What's the difference between a professional whipped cream machine and a whipped cream canister?

With whipped cream from a professional whipped cream machine, the fat molecules are less damaged, so the whipped cream stays firm longer and sags less quickly. If you compare this with the whipped cream from a whipped cream canister or whipped cream dispenser, you will see that the whipped cream is much more stable. Whipped cream canisters need to be cleaned often and put in the fridge between each use. Catering whipped cream machines always stay at a suitable temperature, which benefits the flavour. Whipped cream machines handle the cream efficiently, so there is less waste. In addition, you can use a whipped cream machine for multiple purposes, while a whipped cream dispenser is usually only suitable for whipped cream. You also have to purchase whipped cream cartridges over and over again. With a professional whipped cream machine, you only need to add liquid whipping cream and before you know it, the whipped cream is ready.

How do whipped cream machines work?

Our whipped cream machines are easy to use. Turn the machine on and wait until the cooling tank reaches a temperature of about 4 or 5 degrees Celsius. After this, you can pour the liquid cream into the removable liquid container. Note: do not add sugar to the cream. If you want to add sugar, use liquid sugar. If desired, you can add a flavour like strawberry or vanilla. Then use the air regulator to adjust the lightness. Maxima whipped cream machines are fully automatic, which means that all you have to do is press the button and ready-to-use whipped cream comes out. If the machine is not used, the whipping cream is kept indirectly cooled; it remains stored in the refrigerated compartment in liquid form. For optimal use, we recommend using liquid cream with a fat content between 33 and 35%.

Why buy a professional catering whipped cream machine?

Investing in a professional whipped cream machine not only allows you to serve your dishes more quickly and to spend less time in the kitchen, buying such a machine will give you even more advantages:

- Hygienic
The removable liquid container ensures increased hygiene. The plastic drip tray is removable making it easy to clean. If you want to check the level of the liquid cream, you can do so without opening the appliance thanks to the transparent lid.
- Easy to use
Maxima whipped cream machines are very user-friendly. The simple and robust control switches are easy to use. In addition, the machines make little noise when you use them.
- Cost-saving
Besides the fact that whipped cream machines are hygienic and user-friendly, you also save costs by purchasing a professional whipped cream machine. Because the machine makes optimal use of the cream you put in it, you avoid waste and you hardly have to throw away any whipped cream. An ideal way to quickly recoup your investment.
- Constant temperature
Whipped cream machines operate at a constant temperature. This keeps both liquid cream and whipped cream constantly cooled at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius.
- Perfect texture
Maxima's whipped cream machines create considerable air storage capacity to produce the lightest creams. In addition, the whipped cream remains stable and has a perfect texture.
- High production capacity
Our whipped cream machines are suitable for producing as much as 100 litres of whipped cream per hour.

How do you clean professional whipped cream machines?

Just as they are easy to use, cleaning and disinfecting our whipped cream machines is also very easy. To clean the machine, pour hot water into the liquid tank and keep the button pressed until the flushing procedure is completed and no more water comes out of the machine. The different parts of the whipped cream machine are easy to disassemble and clean in hot water with a mild detergent. Rinse with water and reassemble. To disinfect the machine, follow the rinsing procedure again, this time with a disinfecting solution.

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