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Cold and chilled products should always be kept at the correct temperature, even after preparation when they are placed in the display case. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment, we sell various catering displays that can be used to present refrigerated products, including the Maxima sushi display case.

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What can a Maxima sushi display case be used for?

Food can be stored and displayed at the right temperature in a sushi display case. Contrary to what the name suggests, the case can be used to display and store products other than sushi and Japanese dishes. Appetizers of modest size can be stored in a Maxima sushi display case under temperature controlled conditions, such as tapas, pinchos, salads, shrimp, crustaceans, small lettuce leaves, vegetables, cold meat dishes and other meal ingredients or snacks. A sushi display case is thus a form of sales refrigeration and is intended specifically for the display of smaller food items. The design of this type of display case is not suitable for the display of bottles or cans.

What do Maxima sushi display cases consist of?

Our sushi display cases are part of the so-called "surface mounted displays" range. These elongated display cases can be used on a counter, bar or table. This luxury catering appliance has a stainless steel housing and the inside of the appliance is also made using the same material. To allow customers a clear view of the products inside the display case, it has a curved glass lid. At the rear of the display case, you will find two sliding access doors that can be opened using the attached handles so that products can be removed from the case and served to customers. The access doors also allow the appliance to be re-filled.

What are the other characteristics of a Maxima sushi display case?

The Maxima sushi display case range includes several models that have different sizes and capacities. For example, the 135cm model can accommodate 52 litres while the longer 180cm display case can accommodate up to 132 litres. Depending on the type of display case, five or eight GN containers with a height of 40cm are included with the display case. The cooling system is similar in both models and a temperature between 0 and 12 degrees Celsius can be selected. Other characteristics include:

  • Static cooling system
  • Anti-condensation system
  • Foam insulation
  • Adjustable feet

Can I use a Maxima sushi display case as a refrigeration solution?

A Maxima sushi display case is intended to be used exclusively as a display case for sushi or tapas. This means that the food is sold directly from the display case to the customer and it is not possible to store food in the display case for extended periods of time. The reason for this is that the display cases are equipped with a static cooling system in which cooling takes place by means of an element which allows active circulation of cold air. This system doesn't dry food out quickly and consumes less energy than other cooling systems. For extended cooling, dynamic cooling systems work much better.

Why should I order a Maxima sushi display case?

Whether or not a sushi display case would be useful to your catering business depends mostly on your own wishes and whether or not a suitable location for the appliance is available. If no location can be found, we can offer a variety of other display solutions. However, a sushi display case has an important advantage - they have been developed especially to display small food items. If you want to encourage your customers to buy items like snacks or mini-dishes, a sushi display case on your counter may provide them with a subtle cue. By choosing a Maxima sushi display case you can make use of our maintenance contract offering, further benefiting from our excellent service.

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