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With a Maxima saladette, you can have both good cooling equipment and good working space. Maxima Kitchen Equipment has various saladettes and saladieres to process cold food at the right temperature.

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With a Maxima saladette, you can have both good cooling equipment and good working space. Maxima Kitchen Equipment has various saladettes and saladieres to process cold food at the right temperature.

What is the purpose of a Maxima saladette?

When preparing cold dishes, you should be even more careful than with hot dishes. Most bacteria are active between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius. That is why it is important to prepare unheated meals at the lowest possible temperature. A professional Maxima saladette is the ideal tool for this. Where a lot of cold ingredients are used, a saladette or saladiere is essential. It is not only safer for cooled products to be processed but, with a saladette, you can also prepare salads and other cold dishes faster.

How is a Maxima saladette built?

Most saladette designs are comparable to a refrigeration workbench, a pizza workbench or a freezer workbench. The lower compartment houses a cooling system. There are two or three cold stores on top of it, each with a door. On top of this, you will find a section for GN trays and a worktop where you can prepare refrigerated dishes. The refrigerators and optional GN trays act as storage for the ingredients. With a Maxima saladette, you always have the necessary ingredients at hand. If the space in the refrigerator allows it, you can also temporarily store dishes ready for serving. This way, your customers always get their cold starter, dessert, side dish or main dish served at the ideal temperature.

What materials does a Maxima saladette consist of?

A saladette is made of stainless steel. This material is used as a casing for the cooling system and for the inside and outside of the refrigerators. The section where you place the separately ordered GN containers is lockable with a stainless steel lid. There is a cutting board made of plastic on the lid. In addition to these saladettes, there is also a table or counter model. This is also mainly made of stainless steel but is less tall. Unlike the larger Maxima saladettes, the table model is equipped with a glass lid, so that the contents of the GN containers are visible. The GN containers are also supplied with this saladette. All saladette models can store the food at temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius.

What other features does a Maxima saladette have?

Although you can buy saladettes in different versions, they also have many features in common. The difference between the models is the capacity of the cooling section. Because the table or counter saladette only has GN trays, you can store up to 67 litres in it. The two-door Maxima saladette has a capacity of 257 litres, while the three-door model has a capacity of 400 litres. These stand-alone saladettes can be expanded with GN trays for more storage space if required. Other recurring features are:

  • Zanussi compressor
  • digital temperature control
  • 35mm thick insulation layer
  • cooling fan
  • foamed evaporator

What should you look for when selecting and buying a Maxima saladette?

Do you and your kitchen staff work with cold dishes? If so, buying a saladette can save you a lot of time and give you satisfied customers. Thanks to the excellent conditions under which you process your products, your guests will be served their cold dishes as freshly as possible. There are a variety of things that are important when choosing your Maxima saladette. For many, the cooling and storage capacity will be decisive. However, this must be in proportion to how often you prepare chilled meals. You should also realise that this may increase in the future. Therefore the applications and expectations will have to be carefully weighed against each other when purchasing a saladette.

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