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Commercial Fridges for the lowest price

For fresh ingredients and food, you must be able to count on reliable catering refrigeration. Good catering therefore starts from the fridge. Maxima Kitchen Equipment has the perfect cooling equipment for every catering business. This way you always put dishes on the table that meet your quality requirements with certainty.

You can easily buy catering refrigerators online in our webshop. Always the best prices, top quality and quickly available from stock.

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What features does a Maxima refrigerator have?

The refrigerators in this category are ventilated static refrigerators . This means that a fan circulates the cold air in the cooling. This ensures that the cool air is evenly distributed. This way you have fewer temperature differences and the contents quickly reach the right temperature. The larger refrigerators stand on 4 wheels, while the smaller variants have adjustable legs. Other important features are:

  • digital temperature control: easy to set and read the exact temperature
  • antibacterial door seal
  • economical LED lighting in the inside
  • stainless steel or plastic inside
  • unique cooling cycle to reduce icing ijs
  • protected insulation of at least 50 mm
  • adjustable legs or on wheels
  • standard including lock
  • including grids

We have a bakery refrigerator especially for bakeries. This powerful stainless steel refrigerator offers space for no less than 10 adjustable grids of 60 x 80 cm. 

What should I pay attention to when buying a catering refrigerator?

Where are you going to put the fridge? This is important for 2 reasons: every cooling has a maximum ambient temperature up to which it functions optimally. If you place it next to an oven or near a window in direct sunlight, this will affect its operation and energy consumption. In addition, it is practical to look at which side the door opens. Also look at the space you have, your menu and whether you want to expand in the near future. And of course you can always ask Maxima's specialists for advice. Due to the wide range on offer, making the right choice can be difficult. The advantage of the large selection is that there is always a good refrigerator for you.

A refrigerator is on 24 hours a day, and is therefore a major energy consumer in your catering business. The modern Maxima refrigerators use only a fraction of the energy compared to an old refrigerator. Even if your old cooling equipment still works, the energy consumption can be an argument for replacing the old with a modern catering refrigerator.

What other types of cooling are there?

In addition to refrigerators, Maxima Kitchen Equipment has even more cooling equipment in its extensive range. A pizza workbench is of course ideal for preparing food with cooled ingredients. You can contact us for everything you need to cool or freeze:

  • bar coolers
  • blast chillers
  • refrigerators
  • display coolers / bottle coolers
  • sushi display cases
  • saladettes
  • freezers
  • freezer workbenches
  • ice cube machines
  • flake ice machines

How do I clean my catering fridge?

Cleaning freezers and refrigerators is generally quite simple. Always start by unplugging and emptying the refrigerator. By using stainless steel or metal, all large surfaces are easy to clean. A slightly damp cloth and a mild detergent is usually sufficient for the outside. Thanks to the unique cooling cycle, the risk of ice formation is minimal. This way the refrigerators continue to work properly and condensation is automatically discharged. However, it is recommended that you also clean the inside on a regular basis. Use lukewarm water and soda or a mild detergent for this. Do not forget the rubber edge in the door. Then dry it well again with a soft cloth.

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