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Maxima Kitchen Equipment sells a variety of pizza workbenches. They help to keep all the necessary ingredients in a pizza kitchen within easy reach. A Maxima pizza workbench is, therefore, an essential appliance to ensure that your pizzas are placed in the oven as freshly as possible.

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Why Should I use a Maxima pizza workbench?

A pizza base can be prepared in a variety of different ways and formats, but the toppings are the ingredients that make the pizza special. They determine both the name of the pizza and, of course, the taste. A pizza workbench is a welcome addition to any kitchen and can be used to make sure that your pizzas are as fresh and tasty as possible. Because a Maxima pizza workbench is a cooling area and a worktop combined into one appliance, the pizza toppings that you use remain fresh right up until they go into the oven. A pizza workbench can also add additional flexibility to your kitchen, allowing you to arrange it for more efficiency.

What types of Maxima pizza workbenches exist?

At Maxima Kitchen Equipment, you can choose from several workbenches which have been designed for use in a pizzeria or Italian restaurant. The different models can be distinguished from each other by their size; some models have two cold storage compartments while others have three. We also offer fixed models which come with legs which can be permanently mounted to the kitchen floor. In addition to this, we offer a mobile model which comes with seven uncooled dough drawers and a cooled storage area where pizza ingredients can be kept. This Maxima pizza workbench model is very mobile and can be used as and where needed. On fixed models, the cooling system is located underneath the cold storage areas, which makes this unit slightly more compact than the mobile version. The capacity of our two and three door pizza workbenches varies from 285 to 580 litres.

What are the other properties of a Maxima pizza workbench?

A pizza workbench is largely manufactured from stainless steel, while the worktop is made using granite. Most of the cooling benches have a casing on top, which is made of stainless steel or glass. There is also a glass version that has an additional display case with cooling as an extra supplement. The corresponding containers and lids should be ordered separately. The temperature of the fixed refrigerators can be set between -2 and 10 degrees Celsius. Each Maxima pizza workbench is equipped with the following:

  • Stainless steel construction with a granite top
  • Refrigerated compartments with adjustable shelves
  • Zanussi compressor
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Protective insulation layer in various thicknesses
  • Fan-assisted cooling
  • Foam insulation materials

What are the most important considerations when purchasing a Maxima pizza workbench?

The wide product range on offer can make it slightly more complicated to find the right pizza workbench, pizza table or pizza saladette. You can, however, take a few things into consideration to make your decision easier. Since a pizza workbench is a very wide appliance it is important to know exactly where in your kitchen you want to put it. You should also consider how much cooling capacity you need and whether or not you need a fixed or mobile model. The smaller 90cm wide pizza workbench is ideal for one person, while the larger 2-metre model allows two people to prepare pizzas at the same time.

How can I clean a Maxima pizza workbench?

Surfaces which are constantly in use and with changing ingredients should be kept clean at all times to avoid any possibility of cross-contamination. Keeping the surfaces clean will also protect the good name of your restaurant. Cleaning a Maxima pizza workbench is an easy job that can be done quickly. You can use a lukewarm solution with mild detergent and a soft cloth to clean the refrigerated compartments and drawers. The granite worktop can be cleaned with the same solution. To prevent any damage to the appliance, do not use abrasive cleaning products or rough cloths to clean it.

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