Commercial Freezers

When you want to store food for a long time, freezing is the best method. You can buy a professional Maxima freezer for the hospitality industry from Maxima Kitchen Equipment. The range includes floor-standing freezers in various sizes and designs.

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What is the best Maxima freezer for me?

It is important to make a considered decision when you buy a catering freezer. You have to be sure to take your expectations, needs and wishes into account when deciding on a model. Since we stock a wide range of freezers you are sure to find one that meets your unique requirements. While you should keep the amount of free space in your kitchen in mind, a freezer is an essential item for most catering enterprises. When choosing to buy a Maxima freezer, you have to decide which foods you want to store in the freezer and how much space you will need for those items. You will be able to choose the best freezer for you based on this information.

Which Maxima freezers are there?

Most of the freezers we sell are high models. In general, they can reach up to 187cm in height, but we also stock 2-metre high versions. The freezers have a volume of between 400 and 600 litres. Our bakery freezer is an exception to this since it is much deeper and wider than our other freezer models and offers a usable volume of 800 litres. If this is not enough space for your needs, we offer a two-door version that can accommodate almost 1200 litres. At 134cm in width, it is much wider than any of our other freezer models. If you are looking for a low Maxima freezer, we can offer the 87cm bar freezer version. This model has a volume of 200 litres and is very compact in terms of width and depth.

How else do the Maxima freezer models differ from each other?

Apart from their volume and dimensions, there are some other areas where you can see the differences between models. Most models come with three or four shelves; exceptions to this are the double door freezer and double door bakery freezer. The first one comes with six shelves whilst the second one doesn't come with any shelving at all. The Maxima bakery freezer does, however, have enough space for ten 60 x 80cm shelves and they can be purchased separately. Furthermore, freezer models that weigh more than 100 kg are equipped with four wheels which makes it much easier to move them around. In order to avoid unintentional moving, two of the wheels come with brakes.

How cold can a Maxima freezer get?

The minimum temperatures that our freezers can reach mainly depends on the materials that are used in the construction of the inner and outer walls. A Maxima freezer with a metal housing and a plastic interior can reach temperatures ranging between -10 and -25 degrees Celsius. The upright models with a stainless steel housing and stainless steel interior, for example, can reach temperatures ranging from -10 to -20 degrees Celsius. It is important to remember that stainless steel models have the ability to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 43 degrees Celsius, whilst metal models are guaranteed to function correctly in maximum ambient temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius. The short model has a stainless steel outer housing and a plastic interior lining. This model can freeze at temperatures between -10 and -22 degrees Celsius.

What are the common characteristics of a Maxima freezer

The dimensions, choice of materials, degree of cooling and provided accessories changes with each model. Common features of the tall stainless steel freezers are a cooling cycle that prevents icing, internal LED lighting, rounded corners on the inside and one or two self-closing doors with anti-bacterial rubber seals. In addition to this, you will also find the following common features:

  • Dynamic fan-assisted cooling system
  • Digital temperature control
  • Lockable doors
  • 60mm thick protective insulation

In contrast to the high freezers, the low one has a fixed cooling element. This means that it has a static instead of a dynamic cooling system.

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