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With a bar cooler or display cooler, your customers can see which cold drinks you have. And you can see for yourself how many drinks you have left and where they are. On the bar or under it; Maxima has the right size drinks fridge for every place in your cafe, canteen, lunchroom or food truck. Always cold bottles or cans of drink within reach.

You can easily buy catering bar coolers online in our webshop. Always the best prices, top quality and quickly available from stock.

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What is a bar cooler?

A bar cooler is a cooler that is intended to show your customers or guests which drinks or snacks you can offer. They are ideal for all types of drinks in cans, packs or bottles. Because of the glass doors, a bar cooler is also called a display cooler. By letting your guests see what drinks you have to offer, it increases sales and encourages impulse purchases. A bar cooler is also very useful for the bar staff. You can see at a glance whether there is still enough drink and where it is. So you never go wrong. Thanks to the handy sizes, there is always a bar cooler that you can place on the bar, under the bar or close to your bar. Depending on where you place the bar cooler, it is also suitable for self-service. Maxima has bar coolers with swinging doors or handy sliding doors. This way you always choose the most practical display cooler for your specific room or situation.

Is a bar cooler suitable for my company?

A bar cooler or display cooler is versatile. In a bar or cafe, the larger coolers are often used as a bottle cooler or as a can fridge. You can use a bar cooler wherever you want to show your drinks to your customers. They are also perfect in places where you want to enable self-service. A Maxima bar cooler is therefore perfectly suitable for the following catering establishments:

  • Cafes and bar
  • Restaurant and lunchroom
  • Bakery or sandwich shop
  • Company or sports canteen
  • Snack bar
  • Store

What types of bar coolers are there?

Maxima has bar coolers in different sizes. There is always a suitable bar cooler for your situation and for the space in your business. You can place a compact table model such as the 50 liter and 80-liter bar cooler on any bar or counter. The horizontal models are perfect to place under the bar. Swing doors or sliding doors? Choose what you find easy Sliding doors are useful if you have little walking space. Do you have little space, but need a lot of capacity? Then choose a 'high' (standing) model. These are available with 1 door or as 2 doors with swing doors. Whichever bar cooler you choose, all Maxima bar coolers have double glazing and a cooling system with a fan ('forced cooling'). This keeps your drinks or snacks evenly cooled. Do you mainly want to present food instead of drinks? Then consider a refrigerated display case. Refrigerated showcases have glass walls all around for an even clearer product presentation. For all types of catering refrigeration and freezing equipment, see our catering refrigeration product page.

What are the characteristics of a Maxima bar cooler?

The Maxima bar coolers are designed for professional use and can take a beating. The Maxima appliances not only have a long life, but they also look neatly finished. In addition, they have the following features:

• sturdy housing
• adjustable stainless steel grids with a protective coating
• doors can be locked with a lock
• digitally set and read temperature
• the fan cooling keeps every place equally cool
• double glazing for optimal insulation
• energy-efficient LED lighting
• sturdy feet or wheels for stable placement
• wide temperature range 0 °C to +10 °C
• less ice build-up thanks to the unique cooling cycle

What should I pay attention to when buying a Maxima bar cooler?

In addition to cooling your drinks or food, you can also buy a bar cooler for presenting your products. Check the capacity and available space in your business beforehand. A standing model offers a lot of capacity and takes up little space. Also think about where you will place the cooling in your catering business. There are situations where a sliding door is more practical than a swing door. For example, if you have little space left at the location of the cooling at the front. Do not place the refrigerator next to an oven, but in a cold zone. Consider an illuminated display if an ad is of interest to you.

How do I clean a bar cooler?

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