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A Maxima cooled workbench is an indispensable tool when you are working with ingredients that need to be kept refrigerated. You can buy a professional Maxima cooled workbench online via the Maxima Kitchen Equipment website, where we have different versions available to choose from.

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What is a Maxima cooled workbench and what can you do with one?

When you work with refrigerated foods and ingredients, you want them to stay at the right temperature. This is better for shelf life, freshness and taste. However, kitchens are often warm environments and summer weather can also influence the indoor temperature. To make sure that meals with chilled ingredients are prepared under the best conditions, use a Maxima cooling workbench. Thanks to the refrigerators that these workbenches have at their disposal, you always have all the chilled supplies at hand. The worktop is attached directly to the cooling section for ease of use.

Which catering establishments make use of a Maxima cooled workbench?

Although cooled workbenches are intended for products that require cool preparation areas, this workbench is still very versatile. A Maxima refrigerator workbench is therefore not only used in restaurants that focus on cold dishes and buffets. For ingredients and meals that require a chilled preparation and are subsequently heated, baked or heated, a cooled workbench is a useful addition to the kitchen equipment range. Catering establishments that may find a cooled workbench particularly useful include:

  • Pizzerias
  • Salad bars
  • Lunchrooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Sandwich shops
  • Dessert bars
  • Ice cream parlours

How do the various products in the Maxima cooled workbench range differ from each other?

The cooled workbenches in the Maxima range consist of separated cold spaces that have been placed close together and topped with a workbench. The individual refrigeration units are closed with a robust door. We have several models of these kitchen and canteen appliances available. The most important difference between the models is the number of refrigerated compartments that are located under the worktop. We have models with two or three compartments for purchase. Because each workbench model has its own unique dimensions, their storage capacities can differ. For example, the largest three-door workbench measures 1795mm wide, 700mm deep and 860mm high and has a refrigerated storage volume of 465 litres. The measurements of the smaller two-door model are 900 x 700 x 880mm which gives a storage capacity of 257 litres.

What are the other properties of the Maxima cooled workbench?

The main properties of the cooled workbenches are two or more cooled spaces and a worktop. Other features that can be found in most models include:

  • Stainless steel construction and worktop
  • Digital temperature control with a range of 0 to 10 degrees Celsius
  • Fan-assisted cooling system
  • Zanussi compressor
  • Foam insulation
  • Refrigeration compartments with adjustable grids
  • Protective insulation
  • Feet or wheels

One shelf per refrigerator is included as standard, but additional shelves can be purchased from us. As extra accessories for your Maxima refrigerated workbench, you can also order a two-drawer set to be self-fitted.

What should I pay attention to when buying a Maxima refrigerated workbench?

The amount of free space in your kitchen is always the first consideration when planning to buy large kitchen appliances. A workbench should obviously have dimensions that fit your needs in terms of both space and usage, but there some other key points to keep in mind. Some Maxima cooled workbenches are not capable of operating in areas where the ambient temperature exceeds 32 degrees Celsius, while the maximum for others is 43 degrees. It is also important to take note of energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

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