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Worktop Freezers for the lowest price

With a Maxima freezer workbench, you can ensure that your frozen products stay as fresh as possible during the preparation process. This not only benefits freshness but also hygiene. Maxima Kitchen Equipment stock several of these catering workbenches in multiple variants.

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What is the purpose of a Maxima freezer workbench?

It can get rather hot in busy kitchens. Pans and pots are being used to prepare food, ovens are busily cooking dishes and kitchen staff are running around. All of these activities can cause the kitchen temperature to rise rapidly. When you have frozen meals on your menu, this heat can affect the freshness and texture of the food. With a Maxima freezer workbench, you can keep frozen food, desserts, starters and main courses at the right temperature. The ingredients can be placed directly from the freezer onto the workbench for preparation. Once prepared, the meals can be placed back into the freezer until they are served.

What does a Maxima freezer workbench consist of?

The construction of a freezer workbench is comparable to that of a refrigerated workbench, pizza workbench or a saladette. However, whereas workbenches equipped with cooling systems have the cooling system underneath the workbench, in a freezer workbench this system is fitted as standard to the right side. Two or three freezing compartments with doors are located directly next to the freezing system. Each of the freezing compartments is fitted with one shelf to provide you with space for food storage. A stainless steel worktop is located above the freezing compartments onto which you can place frozen products for preparation. Each freezer workbench comes equipped with four wheels to ensure that the heavy bench can be moved easily.

How do Maxima freezer workbenches distinguish themselves from each other?

The freezer workbenches that we offer for sale all have the same basic structure, but there are subtle differences between models. The most important of these is the storage capacity, measured in litres. This depends on the number of compartments with which the workbench has been equipped. For example, in Maxima freezer workbenches with two doors, a total of 314 litres can be stored. This two-door model measures 136cm wide, 70cm deep and 86cm high and it weighs in at 103 kg. The larger three-door model can accommodate 465 litres, weighs 136 kg and has dimensions of 179.5 x 70 x 86cm.

What are the main characteristics of a Maxima freezer workbench?

Most of the features can be found in both variants of the Maxima freezer bench. If you want to buy the appliance, the outer and inner dimensions, as well as, the storage capacity and weight will be the deciding factors. Another important considertation is the amount of space that you can reserve for the workbench. The standard properties of our freezer workbenches are:

  • Digital temperature control
  • Freezing temperature between -10 and -20 degrees Celcius
  • Fan assisted dynamic freezing system
  • Zanussi compressor
  • Foam insulation on three sides
  • 35mm thick insulation
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Maximum operating ambient temperature of 32 degrees Celsius

What optional accessories are available for Maxima freezer benches?

A freezer workbench with standard features will allow you to start working right away. However, to expand the possibilities we have various optional accessories that can be ordered. To create more shelf storage space, you can order additional shelves. We also offer a set of drawers that can be placed into the freezer compartments; the drawers come in pairs so you can purchase two or three sets depending on the size of your workbench. They do not require assembly and can be directly installed into the freezer compartments.

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