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Commercial Chest Freezers for the lowest price

The Maxima Kitchen Equipment range has a variety of freezers that are essential tools when you want to keep frozen products in a good condition for a longer period of time. For this purpose, you can buy a Maxima chest freezer for your kitchen.

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What is the difference between a Maxima freezer and a Maxima chest freezer?

Freezers are manufactured in various shapes and sizes and you can, therefore, order an upright freezer or a chest freezer. Although both units fulfil the same function, the differences between them are bigger than you might think. The most striking difference is that a chest freezer is equipped with a top lid and not with a door. A Maxima chest freezer is also lower than a freezer; while some upright freezers can be up to 2m tall, a chest freezer is no higher than 85cm. In order to offer enough storage space, chest freezers are usually wider. Nevertheless, the average chest freezer has a smaller volume than most upright freezers. Because of this, they also tend to weigh less than upright models.

What is the volume and measurements of a Maxima chest freezer?

Due to the more compact design, you can store significantly fewer items in a chest freezer than in an upright freezer model. Where the largest upright freezers have a volume of just over 1200 litres, the largest chest freezer model can accommodate just over 488 litres. In terms of measurements, a chest freezer measures 165cm wide while an upright double-door freezer has a width of 134cm. This means that the chest freezer model is 10 inches narrower than the upright freezer model. The smallest Maxima chest freezer has a capacity of 93 litres, but there are other sizes available to choose from. Sizes include 140, 190, 282, 345 and 435 litres.

What kind of Maxima freezer should I buy?

No restaurant can do without the required equipment to refrigerate ingredients and prepared meals. However, the question is, which freezer model is most suitable for your business? In general, you need more floor space for a Maxima chest freezer than you would need for an upright model. Even though an upright freezer has a larger storage volume, you can manage to place more products in a chest freezer. This is due to the flexible arrangement of the interior of the chest freezer model; no space goes unused in this model. The best freezer for you will, therefore, depend on how much you want to freeze and how much space you have. Our chest freezers are very similar in terms of accessories and finishing.

What are the main features of a Maxima freezer?

With the exception of the capacity measurements, the inner and outer dimensions, and the weight, all Maxima chest freezer models are very similar. One difference is that the lids of models up to 282 litres in capacity have chromed edges and handles. Furthermore, the larger freezers are mounted on six wheels while the smaller models make use of two wheels and two feet. Each chest freezer model can lower the temperature to between -8 and -24 degrees Celsius. Other features found in our freezers include:

  • Single or double lid lock
  • Antibacterial rubber seals
  • LED lighting in the lid
  • Metal housing and aluminium interior
  • Digital temperature adjustment
  • Dynamic fan-assisted cooling system
  • 80mm thick insulation
  • Included hanging baskets
  • A+ energy rating

How can you clean a Maxima freezer?

Freezers require regular cleaning and defrosting. Our chest freezers require manual defrosting and you need to switch the freezer off in order for it to defrost. The freezer is equipped with a water outlet so that the water can escape from the unit. As the ice inside melts, the drain valve on the side of the freezer allows you to get rid of this water in a controlled way. To save time, you can use a plastic ice scraper to remove ice build-up from the interior. After the freezer has defrosted completely, you can clean the interior with detergent and warm water. Once the freezer is clean, you can use an absorbent cloth to dry the interior.

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