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Blast Chillers for the lowest price

If you are looking to buy a blast chiller, look no further than Maxima Kitchen Equipment. A blast chiller is a quick cooler and it is an essential item for catering and hospitality companies who want to effectively prevent food spoilage.

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What is a Maxima blast chiller and why do I need one?

In short, a blast chiller is a device that allows you to rapidly and efficiently cool or freeze prepared products. The appliance is particularly useful for dishes with long preparation times; as soon as the meal is ready it can be rapidly cooled to the right temperature which prevents the formation of bacteria and spoilage. Since the bacteria and micro-organisms that are responsible for food spoilage thrive between 5 and 40 degrees Celcius, a blast chiller is an effective way to increase the shelf life of prepared meals. It is especially important that hot products that are intended for later use are chilled as soon as possible to prevent any bacterial growth. Although chilling does not kill bacteria, it does prevent continued growth.

How fast does a Maxima blast chiller cool and freeze products?

When freezing prepared meals speed is of the essence and a blast chiller is capable of offering this rapid cooling. The speed at which food is chilled depends on a few factors, such as the initial temperature, the size of the meal and the nature of the ingredients. The size of the Maxima blast chiller is another important factor. Our smallest chiller can reduce the temperature of 20 kilograms of food to 3 degrees Celsius in 90 minutes while the temperature of 15 kilograms of food is reduced to minus 18 degrees Celcius in 240 minutes. The larger model can do the same for items with a respective weight of 40 and 28 kilograms.

What should you take into consideration when buying a Maxima blast chiller?

Our quick coolers and freezers are largely similar in terms of characteristics. Larger and smaller models share the same width and depth and you will, therefore, have to base your decision on the amount of food you want to freeze at a time. Once the blast chilling process is completed the appliance continues to function as a regular refrigerator. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, the blast chiller will maintain the set temperature, which - depending on the food type - can be set to 3 degrees Celsius or minus 18 degrees Celcius. In this way, bacterial growth is inhibited and the food retains its taste and quality.

What are the other characteristics of a Maxima blast chiller?

Maxima Kitchen Equipment blast chillers come with a luxurious steel housing and a robust interior with rounded corners. The self-closing door with antibacterial rubber seals is located on the front of the unit and it has a recessed handle. Other features include:

  • Digitally adjustable temperature
  • Core thermometer
  • Cooling system with water evaporator
  • Protective insulation layer of 60 or 65 mm
  • Automatic defrost system
  • Four wheels for easy movement

The thickness of the insulation layer depends on whether you opt for a large or small Maxima blast chiller model. The larger model is equipped with a 65mm thick insulation layer.

How do you clean a Maxima blast chiller?

Like all catering equipment, fast freezers, blast chillers and shock freezers also require regular cleaning. There is always a possibility that some food debris can remain stuck to the grids in the inside of the doors and interior walls of the unit. Our chillers are designed to keep the cleaning process as simple as possible but before the unit can be thoroughly cleaned it must be defrosted. It is best to schedule the cleaning process for a time when the blast chiller is empty and switched off. Both the interior and exterior can be cleaned with lukewarm water and a mild soap solution.

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