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You can order all kinds of cooling and freezing equipment from Maxima Kitchen Equipment. We also stock professional bar coolers for cans, bottles and other foods.

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Why Should I buy a Maxima bar cooler?

Whether you really need a bar display cooler within your hotel or catering establishment is one of the most important considerations when looking to purchase a cooler. The Maxima bar cooler is, in fact, a multi-functional device that is designed to both display the assortment of stock you have available, and keep it cool at the same time. A bar display cooler can also help to seduce your customers into making impulse purchases and it makes it easier for your staff to serve cool drinks quickly and efficiently. A bottle cooler, on the other hand, is ideal for use in self-service establishments.

What choices do I have when purchasing a Maxima bar cooler?

Are you planning to buy a display, bottle or bar cooler? Maxima Kitchen Equipment has a number of different models for you to choose from. There are smaller and larger models; smaller models are equipped with two display grids while larger variants come with five display grids. The grids can be moved within the cooler as desired on both variants. Another key difference between the models is the way in which the doors open; we have display cabinets with hinged doors as well as models with sliding doors. Models with only one door cannot be specified with a sliding door system, but they do come with a hinged door as standard. The number of doors and display areas range from one to three.

What are the other features that Maxima bar coolers have?

In addition to adjustable display grids and double glazed doors, our catering coolers have a number of other features. These features can be found in almost every model. For example, each door comes with a lock, regardless of the number of doors that a particular model is equipped with. Some other characteristics of the Maxima bar cooler include:

  • Cooling system with fan
  • Digital temperature control
  • Protective insulation layer
  • Height-adjustable feet

The digital temperature control allows you to adjust the temperature between 0 and 12 degrees Celcius, but bear in mind that the maximum ambient temperature should not exceed 32 degrees Celcius.

What are the important points to consider when purchasing a Maxima bar cooler?

Since all coolers have similar characteristics the most important point to consider is the size and design of the cooler. Do you need a bar cooler that also displays your products? If so, a larger model is a logical choice. Larger models work especially well when placed behind a bar or in an elevated position, but a smaller model can also be placed in an elevated position behind the bar counter. In addition, if capacity is an important consideration for you, remember that a small single door model has a volume of 142 litres while a large model with double doors can store up to 466 litres. It is also possible to lease a bar cooler if you are in the Netherlands. This can be done at low cost and, after a certain period of time, you can choose to either purchase the cooler outright or select a new device.

How do you clean a Maxima bar cooler?

The maintenance and cleaning of bar coolers take very little time and effort. Regular cleaning, however, should be performed to keep the cooler hygienic and operating perfectly. The interior walls and glass doors can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild detergent, and the same solution can be used to clean the rubber seals.

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