Used catering equipment

When you’re on the lookout for new kitchen appliances, the costs can increase considerably. It’s sometimes possible to save money by buying equipment second hand, as second-hand equipment has a lower selling price. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment, you have a choice of different appliances.

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What are used appliances?

All appliances supplied by Maxima Kitchen equipment are brand new and come straight from the packaging; the single exception being our so-called ‘second-hand’ machines. These are machines which are not new, but which have been used in some way before. They may have served as a show model, or have been returned by another client. Although these machines have been used, they have only been used for a short time, ensuring that the time or space in which damage could have occurred is at a minimum. You can rely on us for a fully functioning device. Purchasing a second-hand appliance is a good alternative when you’re looking for machines for your kitchen.

What are the benefits of buying used?

Purchasing new kitchen equipment can be incredibly expensive. This is especially so if you need robust machines to do a lot of work in a short space of time. In these cases, it’s advisable to buy a used appliance rather than a new device. As these second-hand devices are cheaper, they offer a great way to save money. Additionally, they present you a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with a new device, without such a great financial impact. It often takes time to get to grips with a new device in the kitchen, but buying second hand ensures you can test out your new machine at a lower cost. Used models are ideal if you’re just looking to test a machine or are redecorating your kitchen.

What is the quality of used devices?

When it comes to choosing a second-hand device, you want assurance that the appliance is in the best possible condition. There’s nothing as disappointing as realising a device is no good or will not last long. Fortunately, this isn’t a concern when you buy second hand, as these devices are tested extensively before being offered for sale. All parts are checked for wear and tear, and whether the machine operates flawlessly. Additionally, the machines are fully cleaned so that any hygiene concerns are eradicated. You will buy a flawless device in good condition.

Which types of used devices are available?

The range of second-hand devices available depends on which devices have been returned or are ready to be sold on as used. It takes a short time for a returned device to be checked and cleaned. In general, the selection on offer is always different. It’s possible for almost every kitchen appliance to be available second hand. These machines are made from sustainable materials, ensuring they can last for many years. When it comes to kitting out your kitchen, you have a wide choice of used appliances available. In addition to dishwashers, there are also warming cabinets and bases for appliances. Smaller machines, such as coffee grinders and steamers, may also be sold as second-hand machines.

How should used devices be maintained?

All kitchen devices require the appropriate maintenance, and this is also true of second-hand equipment. The correct maintenance extends the life of a machine and ensures it always functions well. Despite used appliances undergoing thorough checks prior to sale, there is a slightly increased chance of damage through wear and tear. You may, for example, have to replace parts on these machines from time to time. This is, however, a small investment to keep the device in running order. Make sure that your devices are kept clean, and check for cleaning products which are suitable for the material.