Maxima Vacuum Packing Machine MVAC 450

The Maxima Vacuum Packing Machine MVAC 450 is a luxury vacuum packing machine with stainless steel casing and chamber. You can operate this vacuum packing machine digitally. Just about too convenient!

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    Maxima Vacuum Packing Machine MVAC 450

    The Maxima Vacuum Packing Machine MVAC 450 is a luxury vacuum packing machine that can automatically pack all your food. That way your food will last longer. The vacuum packing machine by Maxima is a big table model with a nice finish. The vacuum packing machine has a casing and chamber made of stainless steel. It stands on four rubber feet and is also easy to clean. You can adjust vacuum packing time, the sealing time, the sealing temperature and the cooling temperature completely to your own needs with this Maxima Vacuum Packing Machine MVAC 450. Below you can find all characteristics of the Maxima Vacuum Packing Machine MVAC 450:

    • Luxurious vacuum packaging machine 
    • Fully automatic packaging cycle 
    • Large tabletop model with beautiful finishing 
    • Stainless steel housing and chamber 
    • Digital control panel 
    • Strong cover with curve 
    • Sealing bar dimensions: 500 x 8 mm 
    • Chamber dimensions: H200 x W520 x D540 mm 
    • Vacuum pump capacity: 20 m3 
    • Safety switch in lid 
    • Standard with service pack 
    • Stands on four rubber feet 
    • Easy to clean 
    • Fully programmable: adjustable vacuum time, adjustable sealing time, adjustable sealing temperature and adjustable cooling time 
    • Net weight: 86 kg 
    • Dimensions: H520 x W590 x D680 mm 
    • 230V/50Hz/1Phase 900 Watt 

    As an excellent client service and a good experience with our products is very important to us, we find it very important to continue helping you with all your questions after you bought your Maxima vacuum packing machine with us. For this we have our own in house technical service that loves to assist you with any questions about your vacuum packing machine and defects. Feel free to contact any of our staff. Aside from that we can also be of service in our showroom in Mijdrecht. Our sales specialists can tell you all about the Maxima vacuum packing machines in our range.

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