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Ultra Clean Washing Powder Tablet 150 x 20 Gram

Article number: 09210440

Concentrated, highly alkaline, chlorinated dishwashing detergent for excellent removal of fat, protein, starch and coffee and tea stains. Packed in water-soluble sachets for manual dosing. For professional use only.

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Maxima Ultra Clean Waspoeder Tablet 150 x 20 Gram

Concentrated, highly alkaline, chlorinated dishwasher powder for excellent removal of grease, protein, starch and coffee and tea stains. Packed in water-soluble manual dosing sachets. For professional use only.

The product removes fat, protein, starch and other food residues. An active chlorine is added for effective removal of coffee and tea deposits. The formula also contains metal protection agents and lime-binding agents to prevent deposits on both the dishes and the machine. Not suitable for aluminum.

The agent is packaged in a foil, which must be removed before use, per 20 grams for manual dosing in dishwashers such as front loaders and one-tank dishwashers.

  • Strong degreasing properties
  • Effective at all water hardnesses
  • Active whitening effect
  • Prevents limescale deposits


Starting dose washing bath:Dosage in use:
< 10 liters of water = 1 tablet1 tablet per 10 washes
10 – 60 liters of water = 2 tablets1 tablet per 10 washes
60 – 80 liters of water = 4 tablets2 tablets per 10 washes
80 – 100 liters of water = 6 tablets4 tablets per 10 washes

pH value: 10.5

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