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Pass Through Dishwasher 50 x 50cm - With Rinse Aid Pump - 400V

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This powerful pass through dishwasher is highly suitable for intensive daily use in larger catering establishments. With a large washing capacity of 1108 plates per hour, they are beautifully clean within 2 minutes and ready for immediate use again. Read more
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More Information
Article number 09201020
Barcode (EAN) 8719632122647
Type of power supply 400V
Amount of plugs 1


Pass Through Dishwasher 50 x 50cm - With Rinse Aid Pump - 400V

In big catering establishments that work with large quantities of dirty dishes, this pass through dishwasher is an absolute asset. You can pass 69 baskets through per hour, which equals 1108 dishes that come out sparkling clean. This professional dishwasher has three wash programmes: 90, 120 and 180 seconds. This means that you can serve your guests on clean crockery again in no time. After each wash cycle, the pass through dishwasher rinses the cutlery, plates, cups, glasses and other crockery with hot water to promote quicker drying. Plus, you hear almost nothing while it's working: it's a really quiet machine working at less than 75dB.

Including several baskets

A big advantage when buying this professional pass through dishwasher is that you can connect it to a stainless steel dishwasher table for pre-rinsing. With this set-up, dirty dishes are cleaned again quickly and easily: simply place all the dishes in the dishwasher basket, rinse with a pre-rinse shower, and then push through to the dishwasher. As soon as the washing programme is finished, slide the basket to the draining table to let the dishes steam off. This appliance is also suitable for a corner installation. In addition, this dishwasher is very economical, using only 2,8 litres of water per cycle. The control panel is IPX5 protected so that water can't get behind the buttons and is very easy to use. It has three buttons: an on/off button, a button to start and stop the washing cycle, and a button to set the washing programme. The following accessories are supplied as standard: a 50 x 50cm glass basket, a 50 x 50cm plate basket, a cutlery basket, and a supply and drain hose to connect the appliance to the water supply.

Easy-to-clean dishwasher

The pass through dishwasher is made entirely from stainless steel. The smooth surfaces can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The wash arms on the inside are made of special ABS and can be cleaned with a cloth and water. The dishwasher also has rinse and soap pumps. No drain pump is included as the water flows naturally.

  • Professional dishwasher
  • Powerful hood-type dishwasher
  • Robust design with large handle
  • Fully AISI 304 stainless steel construction and large particle filter
  • Special Design ABS wash arms and tank filter
  • 3 complete wash programs: 90, 120 and 180 seconds
  • Robust Protected Press Controls
  • 1 On button, 1 Start Stop button
  • Temperature and rinse indicators
  • Quiet machine < 75 db
  • Water consumption per cycle is only 2.8 liters
  • Wash temperature 60 °C
  • Rinse temperature 85 °C
  • With thermal protection
  • The machine is IPX5 protected
  • With non-return valve
  • Including rinse pump
  • Including soap pump
  • Exclusive drain pump, water course in a natural way
  • Net weight: 100kg
  • Door height: 42cm
  • Max. dish height: 38cm
  • Width underneath machine: 61cm
  • Width top cover with arms: 70cm
  • Max. height side tables: 83-90cm
  • Closed dimensions: W70 × D79 x H142cm
  • Open dimensions: W70 × D79 x H186cm
  • Water connection input: Ø19cm
  • Water connection drain: Ø42cm
  • Tank element: 3,0kW
  • Boiler element: 9,0kW
  • Washing pump: 0,66kW / 0,89HP
  • Tank capacity: 19L
  • Boiler capacity: 7L
  • Washing capacity: 69 baskets per hour / 1108 plates per hour
  • 400V/50Hz/3Phase 9660W

Standard including:

  • 1 Dish Basket 50 x 50 cm
  • 1 Glass Basket 50 x 50 cm
  • 1 Cutlery Basket
  • 1 Supply hose
  • 1 Drain hose


  • Washing powder
  • Tablets
  • Sachets
  • Liquid soap
  • Liquid rinse aid

We have our own technical service. In the unfortunate case that there is a problem with your dishwasher, you can contact us. We will make sure you can continue using our Maxima kitchen appliances as fast as possible. To serve you even better we also have a showroom. In here you will have the opportunity to inspect our Maxima dishwasher extensively. All our other appliances can also be found in our showroom and our staff will be ready to advise you. So feel free to drop by!

Pros and Cons

  • Powerful pass through dishwasher for use in larger catering kitchens
  • Complete with three washing programmes of 90, 120 and 180 seconds
  • Can be installed in a corner or as in-line installation
  • Quiet dishwasher with rinse and soap pumps
  • Includes baskets for glassware, plates and cutlery
  • Very heavy duty dishwasher  

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