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Orange Juicer - Manual Feeding

Article number: 09359980

This automatic juicer is made from high quality stainless steel and is very easy to clean. With a load capacity of 8kg, you can squeeze approximately 18 to 25 oranges per minute.

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    Orange Juicer - Manual Feeding

    This automatic juicer is an asset for any establishment, like restaurants, canteens, or supermarket, looking for a self-service juicer. The advantage of this orange juicer is that it works automatically. With a loading capacity of 8kg, it's a compact table top model that can squeeze 18 to 25 oranges every minute. Thanks to its strong motor and durable pressing system with metal gears, this juicer works quickly and efficiently to produce freshly squeezed juice ready for consumption. The diameter of the oranges that this machine processes well is 6-8cm. Use size 7 oranges in this juicer (100 oranges in a box).

    Easy to use

    The collection containers, housing and upper basket are all made from stainless steel and the press parts are anti-corrosive. This professional juicer is very easy to use. On the side is the on/off button. Put the oranges in the upper basket and then place a container under the spout to catch the juice, or use bottles or glasses up to 16cm tall. The juicer is equipped with several safety switches so that fresh orange juice can be squeezed safely. As this juicer is quite heavy, a stainless steel trolley can be ordered as well, which makes it easier to move the juicer to the kitchen for cleaning.

    Very easy to clean

    Cleaning this kitchen appliance is simple and hassle free. All press parts can be removed from the juicer and cleaned separately in the dishwasher. If you want the colour to last for longer, it's advisable to wash these parts by hand. The stainless steel housing can be cleaned with a sponge, warm water and a mild detergent. Dry all parts and the exterior with a soft cloth. Cleaning once a day contributes to good hygiene and preserves the quality of the machine.

    • Automatic orange juicer 
    • Compact and fast table top model 
    • Strong motor and juicing system with metal gears
    • Stainless steel housing, upper rack and bins 
    • Diameter oranges 60-80 mm
    • Maximum height bottle / glass 16 cm 
    • Anticorrosive press parts 
    • Multiple safety switches 
    • On-off switch on the side 
    • Easy to clean 
    • Net weight: 41kg
    • Loading capacity: 8kg
    • Press capacity: 18-25 oranges per minute
    • Diameter of oranges: 6-8cm
    • Dimensions: B45 x D36 x H77,5cm
    • 230V/50Hz/1Phase 200W

    Ben heel goed geholpen door Amber ,en Henk.

    Philipppe godin

    Good machine, easy to clean

    Lee yo tang

    Beste, tijdje geleden gekocht. nu nog steeds blij mee. erg mooie machine, veel sap en makkelijk schoonmaken. iedereen kopen.


    Prima machine, doet zijn werk fantastisch, ziet er goed uit! En dat voor die prijs.

    4,8 stars based on 6 reviews

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    + Automatic citrus juicer with a load capacity of 8kg
    + Ideal for glasses and bottles up to 16cm
    + Very easy to clean
    + Easily squeezes 18-25 oranges per minute
    - Heavy so without wheeled base it is difficult to move

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