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Homemade soup should be served at the right temperature. With a Maxima Kitchen Equipment soup kettle, you can keep any soup warm for hours on end and serving is made easy.

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Homemade soup should be served at the right temperature. With a Maxima Kitchen Equipment soup kettle, you can keep any soup warm for hours on end and serving is made easy.

What is a soup kettle?

When you have made a large pot of fresh soup, you might prefer to serve it immediately. Since this is not always possible, it becomes necessary to keep the soup warm and at the right temperature. A soup kettle makes the perfect appliance for this job and can be used to keep soup warm and ready for serving. They can heat large quantities of soup and can even be used to serve the soup during a buffet. The appliance has a large basin that is filled with water and heated to ensure that the soup inside a large metal pot is kept warm. Soup kettles are not designed to defrost frozen soup or heat ice-cold soup; they are also not intended to cook soup but are simply meant to keep prepared soup at the correct temperature.

What are the advantages of a soup kettle?

The best thing about a soup kettle is that it fulfils a dual purpose. They can not only be used to keep soup warm and ready to be served to guests but are also suitable for buffet catering. They are very easy to use and are, therefore, the ideal solution for situations where you need guests to serve themselves. The soup kettle has a large built-in hinged lid that features a recess to allow a soup spoon to rest comfortably. The bowl of the spoon sits inside the appliance while the handle is kept cool.

What types of soup kettles are available?

When choosing a soup kettle, it is especially important to take the capacity of the appliance into account so that you can be sure that the device is large enough for your needs. An average soup kettle can keep around 10 litres of soup warm. However, if you have to prepare soup for very large groups, it may be necessary to purchase a larger model. Remember to keep in mind that larger models can take up more space and are often difficult to store. Of course, it is also useful to have several smaller soup kettles so that you can present and serve more than one fresh soup at a time.

How to use a soup kettle?

A soup kettle uses water to keep the soup heated; before you can use the device, the big metal basin needs to be filled with water. You can use the indicators on the side of the device to determine how much water is needed. Next, the large metal pot can be placed into the device and the lid can be attached to the pot. Lastly, fill the pot with fresh soup and set the desired temperature. Lower settings are good for soups with a cream base while the higher setting is ideal for clear soups. Close the lid and you're ready to serve.

How do you clean a soup kettle?

Cleaning a soup kettle is not difficult. Most of the appliance's parts are made from stainless steel and suitable for washing in the dishwasher. Before you start cleaning the device, make sure that it is turned off and unplugged from the electrical outlet. Pour the water out of the reservoir basin and clean the inside with a damp cloth. The outside body of the soup kettle can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent solution. Lastly, dry all the parts and exterior of the soup kettle before re-assembling the device. Store the soup kettle neatly so that it is ready for its next use.

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