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Plate Warmers for the lowest price

A plate warmer gives you the capability of warming up a large number of plates and keeping them to temperature. This is ideal when you need a large number of pre-warmed plates for serving food. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment you will find different sizes of both plate warming cabinets and plate dispensers.

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What is a plate warmer?

It is important to ensure that all the ingredients are kept warm when serving hot dishes. The temperature of the plates that food is served on can have an influence on the taste of the dish and can make the meal appear genuinely freshly prepared. Therefore, it is not wise to place hot meals on a cold plate. With a plate warmer you can easily warm a large number of plates up to the correct temperature. The plates are placed in a specially made cabinet that is heated on the inside, which allows the plates to take on the same temperature as the cabinet. Plate warmers can also be used to prevent warm meals from cooling down too quickly.

Which types of warmers are available?

Not every plate warmer works in the same way. Some models come in the shape of a cabinet while other models are designed to function as plate dispensers. Cabinet models require you to place the plates inside the cabinet and close the doors so that the heat is held inside the cabinet. Dispenser models feature a large hole at the top through which the top plate can be removed for use. Dispensers work very efficiently in situations where heated plates are needed on a production line.

What should you pay attention to when buying a plate warmer?

When you buy a plate warmer you should not only consider the difference between cabinet and dispenser models. You should also keep the dimensions of the devices in mind since they can vary quite a lot. The larger a plate warmer is, the more plates it can hold. Capacities vary from 30 to 120 plates per device and you can choose between single and double models. A double dispenser can be useful because it contains two heating elements that can be controlled independently of each other, allowing you to keep plates at two different temperatures. A double plate warming cabinet is also extra wide and can accommodate more plates.

How to use a plate warmer

When using a plate warmer, it is important to set the device to the correct temperature before filling it. This is done via a rotary knob on the side of the device and the temperature of the plates can be adjusted in accordance with the requirements of the meal that you want to keep warm. Next, fill the device with plates. When using a cabinet model, you first determine the height of the plates and then stack them on the grates. For dispenser models, the large round cylinder can be filled from above, but remember to not exceed the maximum filling capacity of the dispenser to avoid damaging the unit.

How do you clean a plate warmer?

Every appliance in your kitchen requires regular cleaning and this includes your plate warmer. It is recommended that the device be cleaned at the end of each day. To clean the device, remove the plug from the electrical outlet and remove any remaining plates from the machine. After this, you can remove the cylinders from the plate dispenser in order to clean the inside with a cleaning agent that is suitable for use on stainless steel surfaces. Once the machine has been cleaned and the interior dried, the plates can be replaced and the machine can be used again. It is important to make sure that the plate warmer is cleaned thoroughly between uses.

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