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Food Heating Lamps for the lowest price

Maxima Kitchen Equipment offers a range of heating lamps that make it possible to keep dishes at the required temperature for extended periods of time. The lamps are easy to use, quick to move and available in different sizes to suit your food output.

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What is a heating lamp?

Serving prepared food at the right temperature is always a challenge, especially when you're cooking for many people at the same time. Time management can make a big difference, but equipping yourself with the right appliances puts you ahead of the pack. A heating lamp is an excellent tool for keeping dishes warm during peak times. Heat lamps have special infrared bulbs that radiate heat, so you can heat every meal without fuss. They are fitted using an aluminium housing which leaves enough space for adequate ventilation during use. This prevents the device from overheating. Place a heating lamp above a prepared meal and you can be sure that the temperature is consistent, maintaining presentation and keeping food quality high.

What are the advantages of using a heating lamp?

If you want to keep food warm, it's important that it doesn't continue to cook. This affects the taste and texture of the dish. The big advantage of heating lamps is their ability to keep food at the right temperature without giving off enough heat to continue cooking ingredients. This allows you to serve a delicious hot dish without compromising on the quality or presentation of the meal. They’re also lightweight and easy to move. Handy legs allow you to place the lamp at various heights, allowing you to control the temperature of every dish with ease.

How to use a heating lamp?

A heating lamp is useful for times when you’ve prepared a dish, but it is not ready to be served. Using one of these lamps is simple. Just plug the lamp into the socket and turn on the appliance. The infrared bulbs switch on and give off heat immediately. Then you can place the dish under the lamps. Put it in the included dish or put the lamps over your own plate or dish if you prefer. The height of the lamps is easy to adjust. This immediately determines the intensity with which the heating lamp heats up the dish. The warmer a dish has to be, the lower you have to position the heating lamps.

What types of heating lamps are available?

How do you clean a heating lamp?

Because heating lamps are placed above plates and bowls of prepared food all the time, it is important that you clean these appliances regularly. Fortunately, this is very simple, because the lamps have a metal housing. To start with, switch off the appliance and unplug it from the mains. Then all you need is a damp cloth to clean the metal covers and the base of the bulb. Dry the lamps thoroughly before using them again. Be sure to check that the lamps are still working properly and there is no damage to the plug or power cord which may make it unsafe. If you need to replace a bulb it's a quick and easy task. There are replacement bulbs available to fit most models.

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