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Heated Food Displays for the lowest price

Keep all your food warm and present it in a professional way with the help of a hot display case. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment, you have a choice of countless display cases, all of which have their own dimensions and capacity.

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What is a hot display case?

Keeping all the food at the right temperature when preparing a large meal can be an art. This job is made much easier with the help of a hot display case. The device can be used to keep many different food types warm, including sandwiches, soups and snacks. The temperature inside the cabinet is regulated effectively thanks to a simple heating element. This makes it easy to keep all the food at the right temperature. An additional advantage is that the display case offers a great way in which to present products to customers or guests. In this way, they can immediately see which dishes are available and they can be assured that they will have a delicious warm meal.

What kind of hot display cases are there?

The size of a hot display case determines how many products can be placed inside it. The holding capacity is indicated in litres and it can vary greatly from model to model. For example, there are small models available with a holding capacity of only 25 litres and there are also larger models with a capacity of 160 litres. Some models also offer storage space on top of the unit that can be used to store utensils and plates, while others have a simple metal top with extra storage space for just about anything in your kitchen.

What should you pay attention to when buying a hot display case?

Each hot display case comes with a different layout. You can choose from models with only one level, but there are also models that offer multiple surfaces. In this way, the vertical space in your room can be utilised. It is also important to check if the racks in the hot display are movable or static. If you would like more flexibility, opt for a model with adjustable racks. In addition to this, the design of each hot display differs, so you can choose from models with a sleek straight shape or models that feature an elegantly curved glass front. The design doesn't affect the working of the appliance but it does change the look of your room.

How do you use a hot display case?

The great thing about a hot display case is that these devices are extremely easy to use and require little time or attention. The first thing you need to do is determine how you want to arrange the display case. After moving the racks to the required position to create spaces for each product you wish to display, we recommend that you place your products on a special stainless steel tray to keep the interior as clean as possible. You can set the temperature of the display case in accordance with the type of food that you are displaying. This can vary from 30 to 90 degrees Celsius. Lastly, place the food into the display case via the doors located at the back.

How do you clean a hot display case?

If you want to store food responsibly, it is important to always keep the display case as clean as possible. This can be done by switching the device off and letting it cool down completely. Then remove all loose racks and shelves from the machine and wash them with soapy water. Clean the inside of the display case with a damp cloth, removing any food residue. It is also a good idea to clean the glass window with a special glass cleaning agent that prevents streaking so that your food can always be presented in a beautiful way. Lastly, dry all the removable parts and re-assemble the display case for future use.

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