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Do you cook for large groups and is keeping different dishes warm a challenge? A Hot Pot is the ideal warming container for any catering kitchen. Cooled down or overcooked dishes are a thing of the past. And that includes all those pans of sauces and soups that keep your stove occupied. Ideal for large kitchens and catering.

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What do you use a Hot Pot for?

You can use a Hot Pot for an infinite number of purposes, which makes it indispensable in every catering kitchen. This is the perfect warming device to gradually heat up many dishes and keep them at the right temperature. Think of soups, sauces, gravy, ragout, but also for melting chocolate. When you cook for large groups of people, it can be a challenge to keep different types of dishes warm. Sometimes you have to bridge the cooking time of other dishes. A Hot Pot heats up gradually and ensures a constant temperature. This way you prevent overcooking or burning your dish. Another practical advantage is that you keep capacity available on your stove when using a Hot Pot. After all, you don't have to leave separate pans on your stove. A Hot Pot is therefore a versatile device.

How does a Hot Pot work?

A Hot Pot is a warming device with a removable pan that is set on a thermostat. The thermostat heats up after you have set the temperature with the handy rotary knob. You fill the kettles / pans with food and put them in the device. The desired temperature of course depends on the ingredients in the pans, and whether you want to cook the dishes or just keep them at the right temperature. Thanks to the wide temperature range between 30 °C and 110 °C and a separate thermostat per boiler, you can heat almost all dishes with this. The lid of the kettle has a notch for a spoon.

Which warming device is suitable for my company?

The Hot Pots are part of a wide range of professional warming equipment . Maxima Kitchen Equipment has the right way of keeping warm for every meal. Think of warming display cases, plate warmers, warming lamps and chafing dish. For smaller quantities of food such as sauces and chocolate, a heated sauce dispenser is a very handy device with a dosing pump.

The most versatile way to keep food warm is with a ban-marie device. Bain-marie appliances come in many shapes and sizes. Maxima has many bain-marie sets that are made according to the gastronorm dimensions. They have one or more GN containers in different sizes and configurations. You make this choice based on the number of dishes that you want to keep warm at the same time. The water reservoir is available as 'single' or 'double', which indicates whether it is one large or separate water reservoir that can be heated separately with separate thermostats. You can also choose from gas or electric appliances. With gas you can regulate the temperature more accurately, while the electric version is in many cases more economical.

Would you like to come and see these devices with your own eyes? Which can. You are most welcome in our showroom in Mijdrecht. Please contact [email protected] to make an appointment. Our colleagues are ready for you at the agreed time and there is plenty of time for appropriate advice. See you soon!

How do you clean a Hot Pot?

An important part of the ease of use is how easily you can clean a device. Thanks to the smooth stainless steel housing, cleaning is very easy. This means you only have to wipe it with a damp cloth and possibly a little washing up liquid. Always remove the plug from the socket first. You can leave the leftover food in the pans. Cleaning is easier if you don't let these leftovers cool completely. When it is still a little warm, dishes such as soups and sauces are still liquid and you can pour it out by removing the pans. You can wash these or put them in the dishwasher.

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