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Chocolate Sauce Heaters

Everything is delicious with….Chocolate! With an electric chocolate heater you always have liquid chocolate at your disposal. Thanks to the supplied squeeze bottles, you can provide every pancake, waffle, crepe, cake and ice cream with a finishing touch . Also excellent to use as a sauce warmer.

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What do you use a chocolate warmer / sauce warmer for?

There are infinitely many dishes that you can put chocolate on or serve with sauce. In order to process chocolate, it must of course be at the right temperature. And thanks to a chocolate warmer / sauce warmer you can easily keep larger amounts of chocolate warm. With the supplied bottles with pouring spouts, you can easily dose chocolate on crêpes, waffles, ice cream and other desserts, for example. Instead of working with squeeze bottles, you can also use a dispenser. Maxima has a heated sauce dispenser available in different capacities so that you can keep several sauces (or chocolate) warm and pump them onto your dish in the desired amount.

Do you have a lot of chocolate or sauce to warm up? Then the large chocolate melters are a good choice. These work like a bain-marie and are made according to gastronorm dimensions. You can therefore store several GN containers in it. For example, the chocolate melters / sauce warmers are available in the format from 2 x 1/3GN to, for example, 6 x 1/6 GN if you want to heat up several small portions at the same time.

Another practical advantage is that when using an electric chocolate/sauce heater you keep capacity available on your stove. After all, you don't have to leave separate pans on your stove.

How does a chocolate warmer work?

The chocolate warmer is very similar to a bain-marie, but without heated water. Furthermore, it actually works just as simply. You fill the supplied squeeze bottle and put it in the device. You switch on the device and set the desired temperature with the rotary knob of the thermostat. Then all you have to do is wait for the right temperature to be reached. Your sauce or chocolate is now ready to be processed or served. The device allows the temperature to rise very gradually and then ensures a constant temperature. This is important to prevent the chocolate or sauce from burning and to keep it at the right temperature. When processing the chocolate in your dish, do you want the chocolate to become firm and shiny again? Then the correct cooling temperature is important. This 'tempering' or 'pre-crystallization' ensures that crystals are formed that give the chocolate its firmness. If you often work with the same products and quantities, remember what the perfect temperature is to keep your chocolate warm and to what temperature you want to cool it.

How do you clean a chocolate warmer?

An important part of the ease of use is how easily you can clean a device. Thanks to the choice of materials and the smooth finish, cleaning is very easy. The entire housing is made of stainless steel and can be wiped with a damp cloth. The rest of the device will in most cases not get very dirty because you heat the sauce or chocolate in bottles. If you do spill something on the bottom of the device, do not let these leftovers cool down completely. Chocolate is easier to remove when it is still liquid. The same goes for the bottles. Cleaning is easiest if you don't let these leftovers cool completely. When it is still warm, the sauce or chocolate is still liquid and you can pour it out. Both the top and the bottom of the bottles can be unscrewed. You can easily wash them with warm water.