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Chocolate Melters for the lowest price

Chocolate is a magic word. We would prefer to use chocolate with everything. With the electric chocolate melter from Maxima you always have enough melted chocolate at your disposal. With the removable GN containers, this bain marie can also be used for sauces.

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What do you use a chocolate melter / sauce warmer for?

There are infinitely many foods that you can put chocolate on. In order to process chocolate, you must of course melt it first. And thanks to a chocolate melter, you can easily melt larger amounts of chocolate. You can also use the device as a sauce warmer. Or for both at the same time, because the device is made according to gastronorm dimensions. You can therefore store several GN containers in it. For example, the chocolate melters / sauce warmers are available in the format from 2 x 1/3GN to, for example, 6 x 1/6 GN if you want to heat up several small portions at the same time.

Maxima also has a handy sauce warmer / chocolate warmer where you can heat the sauce or chocolate in bottles. With the supplied bottles you can easily dose chocolate on crêpes, waffles and desserts, for example. You can also use a dispenser instead of working with bottles. This heated sauce dispenser is available in different capacities so you can keep several sauces (or chocolate) warm and pump them onto your dish in the desired amount.

How does a chocolate melter work?

The chocolate melter/sauce warmer works like a bain-marie. You start by filling the water reservoir and then place the GN containers back in place. You switch on the device and set the desired temperature. Then you just have to wait for the temperature indicator light to show you that the correct temperature has been reached. Your sauce or chocolate is now ready to be processed or served. The device neatly ensures a constant temperature. This is important to prevent the chocolate or sauce from burning and to keep it at the right temperature. And is the content still a bit too hot or too cold? Then you can adjust the temperature via the easy-to-use display. There is a water drain and a steam drain tap on the device. This way you do not come into contact with hot water or steam.

When processing the chocolate in your dish, do you want the chocolate to become firm and shiny again? Then the correct cooling temperature is important. This 'tempering' or 'pre-crystallization' ensures that crystals are formed that give the chocolate its firmness. If you often work with the same products and quantities, you can read on the digital thermostat what the perfect temperature is to keep your chocolate warm and to what temperature you want to cool it.

How do you clean a chocolate melter?

An important part of the ease of use is how easily you can clean a device. Thanks to the choice of materials and the smooth finish, cleaning is very easy. The leftovers of the sauce or chocolate sauce can be left in the GN baking. Cleaning is easiest if you don't let these leftovers cool completely. When it is still warm, the sauce or chocolate is still liquid and you can pour it out by removing the GN containers. You can wash these containers or put them in the dishwasher. The device itself is only filled with water, so you don't have to clean much. You let the water run away with the handy water drain. Keep in mind that you have to let the water cool down first. The housing is finished with smooth stainless steel. This means you only have to wipe with a damp cloth and possibly a little washing up liquid.

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