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Bain Maries for the lowest price

Serving food to large groups of people is always a tough job since the food must be kept warm. This can be easily done using a bain-marie as they warm up food evenly without cooking it. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment, you'll find several bain-marie models to choose from.

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What is a bain-marie?

It is important to be able to provide everyone with warm food when you are serving a meal to large groups of people, but at the same time, you do not want the food to continue cooking since this may affect the taste. This is why the use of a bain-marie is so popular. Bain-maries are equipped with large basins into which water is poured, then special containers are then filled with prepared dishes and placed into the water to keep the food warm. The water in the bain-marie is warm enough to keep the food at serving temperature without cooking it any further.

How to use a bain-marie?

It is very easy to use a bain-marie but you have to follow some basic guidelines. Firstly, remove all the containers from the bain-marie and then fill the reservoir with the required amount of hot water, being sure to keep to the maximum fill level. Next, set the desired water temperature using the rotary dial. If you are serving food that cooks at a very low temperature, you can set the water to a relatively cool temperature to prevent cooking. The required temperature setting will largely depend on the food that you are serving. When the device has reached the correct temperature, replace the containers and fill them with the dishes that you want to keep warm.

What types of bain-maries are available?

You can choose from a range of different bain-marie types, including single and double models. A single bain-marie comes with one water reservoir which maintains the entire appliance at one temperature. Double bain-maries have two separate reservoirs which can each be set to an independent temperature and they are designed to keep more than one dish warm at the same time. A double bain-marie is a better choice when you need to keep several different dishes at different temperatures while a single model works well for meals that can be kept at one temperature. You can opt for a gas or electric bain-marie model; the gas variants offer more flexibility in temperature selection while the electrical models are a bit more economical to purchase and operate.

What to look out for when buying a bain-marie?

Bain-maries are incredibly versatile devices, which allows you to choose a model that meets your individual needs. Your space requirements will be the determining factor when selecting a bain-marie since models range from one metre to thirty inches in width. It is also important to take the size of your kitchen into account when choosing a bain-marie model and each model can be configured differently. For example, some models come with a single large container in which you can keep one dish at a time warm, while other models are equipped with several smaller containers that can be used to warm different dishes and ingredients simultaneously.

How to clean a bain-marie?

Fortunately, bain-maries can be cleaned easily. Simply turn the device off and once it has cooled down, remove the containers from the reservoir. Larger food particles can be removed from the reservoir before the water is drained via the built-in drain valve. As soon as the water has drained, you can clean the inner walls with warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. The outside of the device can be cleaned in the same manner to remove any food residue from the outer walls. Lastly, rinse the appliance with clean water and dry the exterior with a clean cloth before re-assembly.

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