Bain Marie

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Professional Bain Marie

A professional Bain Marie is an easy and populair solution to keep your meals at exactly the right temperature. By using a Bain Marie you can easily heat or cool food for a longer period of time. A good quality Bain Marie simply cannot be missed in the average food & beverage establishments, such as hotels and restaurants. But surely we won’t have to tell you!

As an expert you are probably aware of the latest regulations regarding safety and hygiene in professional environments. Therefor every Maxima Bain Marie is produced according to the latest standards and even the strictest standards concerning a safe and hygienic working environment. This way we can promise you, your employees and customers the highest quality.

When you decide to order your Bain Marie at Maxima Kitchen Equipment, you can be sure of the best price for professional kitchen equipment, without compromising on quality. Maxima offers you the best price and quality.

We can imagine that you are left with questions when browsing through our Bain Marie collection. Our 24/7 support team is there to help you out. You can easily contact us by email, telephone or live chat to ask us about a certain Bain Marie or any of our other equipment. Our experienced customer service department loves to help you with your choice for a bain marie or our other products.

During your purchase we stand by you, but even after that we offer our full support. If anything happens with your bain marie, do not hesitate to contact us. Maxima Kitchen Equipment has its own technical department that is there to solve any problem you might have with our equipment. This way you can make use of our equipment absolutely worry-free!