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Stick Blenders for the lowest price

At Maxima Kitchen Equipment you'll find a wide range of versatile hand blenders to help you to make smooth sauces, soups and desserts. There is a choice of different lengths and motors, so you are sure to find a suitable stick blender for your kitchen.

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What is a stick blender?

In a kitchen, ingredients regularly have to be mixed, pureed or mashed and a stick blender is the ideal tool for the job. These mixers have a long blending arm with sharp blades at the end. When you turn on the mixer, the blades move at high speed, grinding the ingredients in whatever dish you’re making. The great advantage of a stick blender is the shape; thanks to the length you can use the mixer in a large pan and blend the ingredients in the bottom, making it an excellent tool to use while cooking.

What can you prepare with a stick blender?

Because a stick blender chops ingredients into small pieces or even grinds them finely, these useful utensils are ideal when you want to prepare soups and sauces. Vegetables, meat, potatoes and rice are no problem for stick blenders. Create a smooth and even texture, ideal for soups. Hand blenders are also easy to use to make fruit smoothies, to make mashed potatoes, or to create a creamy pasta sauce. With the quick moving blades, you can even whip up cream and eggs in no time at all. A stick blender is a very useful and essential tool for many kinds of food preparation.

What should you consider when buying a stick blender?

When you select a stick blender, the size of the motor is an important part to consider. Every motor has its own power and wattage, which makes it suitable for a certain category of job. If you only need to prepare light dishes such as soups, a motor with 200 watts would probably be sufficient. For hard vegetables and meat, a 500-watt motor would be better. Keep in mind how many options you would like in terms of the speed of the blender. Some jobs require mixing at high speed, while for others, a slower process is better. The speed of the blender is indicated in rotations per minute, choose a model that meets the requirements of the kinds of dishes you are likely to make.

What types of stick blenders are available?

It's not just in terms of speed and wattage that you have plenty of choice. There is also variation in the length of the stick blender. This can vary from twenty centimetres to up to fifty centimetres. Blenders with a very long blending arm are ideal when you need to prepare large amounts of food. Longer mixers can reach the bottom of the deepest pan, meaning you need fewer utensils to prepare one dish. The length of a stick blender determines how much food you can blend. A shorter blending arm, about twenty centimetres long, is perfectly suitable for pots and pans with a capacity of up to ten litres. Extra long stick blenders, from about fifty centimetres, are especially suitable if you use larger 80-litre pans.

How do you clean a stick blender?

One of the great advantages of a stick blender is that it is easy to clean. You can disconnect the blending arm from the device, so you don't risk getting the motor wet. Rinse the separate parts of the stick blender thoroughly and then wash it by hand. This is only possible with high-quality blenders made of stainless steel. To remove stubborn food from between the blades, soak the stick blender in warm water with detergent; after an hour it can be removed with the aid of a brush. It is important that you clean the stick blender after each use.

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