Spiral Dough Kneader

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Professional Spiral Dough Kneader

When you think about food processing, you think about a good mixer or kneader. That’s why we also offer the Spiral Dough Kneader. A spiral dough kneader is one of the most popular kneaders in our kitchen equipment collection, due to the fact they are very easy to use.

Increased efficiency is not the only advantage of our spiral dough kneader. Our kneaders are also very hygienic and safe to use. To guarantee you this high level of quality, safety and hygiene we produce and test all of our equipment with the greatest care. Our equipment meets all standards and regulations. You will never have to worry about your equipment and instead your are able to focus more on preparing the food.

As you might have already noticed, a Maxima Spiral Dough Kneader is much cheaper. However, these low prices do not mean we are compromising on quality. Our kneaders are still of very high quality, suitable for professional kitchens.

Do you have any questions about a spiral dough kneader? Please feel free to contact us! Just give us a call, send us an email or contact us by live chat (available 24/7).