Spiral Dough Kneaders

If you make a lot of bread or use dough in your recipes then a Maxima Spiral Mixer or Spiral Kneader might be for you. Large amounts of dough can easily be made with a professional spiral kneader. These devices mix all the ingredients together and ensure supple dough. Maxima Kitchen Equipment has several models in stock, from small spiral dough kneaders of five litres to large models with a capacity of eighty litres.

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What is a spiral kneader?

In a professional kitchen, large amounts of dough have to be kneaded regularly. This can be done by hand, but to save time it can also be done with a spiral kneader. These machines have a large stainless steel bowl containing a spiral-shaped dough hook. When you start the device, both the bowl and the dough hook begin to turn. This causes the ingredients to be mixed with each other. The advantage of these devices is that you can make several kilos of bread dough, without kneading by hand for hours. Moreover, the texture is always equally even and supple because the ingredients are well mixed together.

What can you use a spiral kneader for?

A spiral kneader is especially useful when you regularly need large amounts of dough. This can be dough for fresh bread, but also for pastries, cake bases and baked goods. In addition, this device can also be used for other jobs in the kitchen. You can use it to mix minced meat and herbs into a stuffing or meatball mixture. Just add the minced meat, breadcrumbs, eggs, herbs and any fillings in the bowl and let the machine do its job. All the individual ingredients are perfectly mixed with the minced meat, saving time and energy while cooking.

How do you use a spiral kneader?

If you want to use a spiral kneader during food preparation in your kitchen, you just need to put all the loose ingredients in the big stainless steel bowl. It is not necessary to mix the ingredients in advance, as the device does all the hard work for you. Put the cover on and then switch on. The bowl and the dough hook start to move and this allows you to effortlessly mix all the ingredients. Over time a nice dough develops. Let the machine knead for as long as it takes to knead the dough and then turn it off. It is also possible to set a timer in advance so that the spiral automatically stops after a certain period of time.

What types of spiral kneaders are available?

The capacity of each spiral kneader is different. The amount of dough you put in the machine is indicated in litres. The smallest models have a capacity of five litres, while the largest have a bowl of up to 130 litres. It is not recommended to use the kneader if it is filled completely with dough. Each spiral kneader has a maximum weight that the machine can hold. If you’re looking for a smaller model, then you can still take advantage of an easy to use machine that can be placed on a workbench. The large models are freestanding and need their own space on the floor. It is important to take this into account if you wish to buy a large spiral kneader.

How do you clean a spiral kneader?

A spiral kneader is relatively easy to clean. However, remember to unplug the device before you start. It is especially important that the dough hook and inside the bowl are cleaned. With some models it is possible to detach the bowl. This can then also be cleaned in a dishwasher, as it is made of stainless steel. If your model has a bowl that cannot be removed, clean it thoroughly with a damp cloth and make sure that no scraps of dough remain. Don’t forget to clean the cover of the spiral dough kneader, as small amounts of dough may remain behind.

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