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Sous Vide Equipment for the lowest price

Professional cooking begins with Maxima Kitchen Equipment. They offer an extensive range of cookers for all conceivable cooking methods. You will also find appliances for specific cooking methods, such as the Maxima sous-vide. Order our products easily online.

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What is the function of a Maxima sous-vide?

Preparing food for consumption can be done in different ways such as baking, deep-frying, steaming and grilling. The boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius is usually exceeded to ensure all bacteria is killed in the cooking process. However, not all cooking equipmentuses high temperatures. A Maxima sous-vide allows you to prepare meals at relatively low temperatures. Where specific cookers are often only suitable for certain products, a sous-vide has a wider application. You can use these appliances for various foods and ingredients. The French term 'sous-vide' means 'under vacuum'. Preparing food with these cookers, therefore, requires the necessary preparation, as well as the purchase of a vacuum machine or vacuum sealer.

How does a Maxima sous-vide work?

Sous-vide treatment is similar to the bain-marie method. The most important difference is that you have to pack the products airtight before you prepare them via sous-vide. To do this, use a vacuum bag and create a tight vacuum around the food using a separate vacuum machine. Then slowly cook the food in a water bath. This is done at a predetermined and constant low temperature between 50 and 85 degrees Celsius. With a Maxima sous-vide, you can monitor the temperature and cook each product slowly and evenly. When a dish or ingredient has reached its correct cooking temperature, it only needs to be baked or finished for a short time.

Which food is suitable for a Maxima sous-vide?

When preparing food using the sous-vide method, there are almost no restrictions. Many foods lend themselves to this easy form of preparation, provided you immerse them in water in a sealed bag. Vegetables, meat and fish are the most obvious products to prepare with a Maxima sous-vide, but certainly not the only ones. Desserts, fruits and even cocktails can also be prepared in this way. A great advantage of sous-vide preparations is that the nutrients, vitamins, textures, aromas and flavours of each ingredient are preserved. Any spices and herbs added to a product or dish are also given a stronger flavour by means of sous-vide.

What are the characteristics of a Maxima sous-vide?

Our assortment of sous-vides share many of the same characteristics. Common differences include their size, weight and wattage. When buying a Maxima sous-vide, you have the choice of a 20, 28 or 30 litre capacity. Particulars of most sous-vides are:

  • independently adjustable temperature and time
  • precision of 0.1 degree Celsius or less
  • maximum temperature of 99 degrees Celsius
  • patented pumping system for eight litres per minute
  • digital readout display
  • control panel with touch buttons
  • thermal protection
  • removable power cord
  • suitable for any pan with a round or flat side

Which Maxima sous-vide is best for me?

At Maxima Kitchen Equipment, you'll find several devices for sous-vide preparation. For example, we have a 28-litre sous-vide pot equipped with a stainless steel grid and rack, which you can remove from the pan if you wish. With this complete Maxima sous-vide setup, you can get straight to work. We also stock a wide range of accessories which attach to the rim of a pan or hang in the water. These are mounted via clamp with a vice construction. Which of these handy sous-vide products is best for you depends, among other things, on which size sous-vide you choose for your needs.

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