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Sausage Stuffers for the lowest price

Sausage is a versatile seasoning. You will find this classic in all shapes and sizes with a drink, as an appetizer or as a snack. But what could be better than making your own sausages? With the convenience of a sausage filler, you can surprise your guests with sausages with your unique twist!

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What is a sausage filler?

Sausage is an age-old snack with countless flavors and variants. Making sausage by hand is a difficult and time-consuming job. But thanks to a sausage filler, you can literally and figuratively give it your own twist. A sausage filler or sausage maker is a device with a reservoir, a filling tube / reservoir and a pressure plate. It can be operated manually or electrically. You put the ground meat (or fish) with your unique spice mix in the reservoir. The pressure plate presses the meat into the filling tube, after which it comes out of the filling tube. The casing of the sausage is slid over this filling pipe. These are usually casings or artificial casings. These are filled with ease. You've never made sausage so easily. For an easy finishing touch , Maxima Kitchen Equipment even has a sausage clipper with which you can close the ends of the sausage with the same ease.

What types of sausage fillers are there?

There are two types of sausage fillers: horizontal and vertical. The difference between these needs little explanation; one is a standing model and the other a horizontal sausage filler model. Which one you choose really only depends on which one you find more comfortable to work with. A horizontal sausage maker takes up more space, but you can still place it on your counter if there is a kitchen cupboard above it. With the vertical sausage maker you have to take the height into account, but it takes up less space on your counter or worktop. It doesn't matter for practicality either, because you can tilt the filling tube towards you on both sausage machines. This way you can always fill them easily. Furthermore, you only have to choose between an electric sausage filler or a manual model. You operate the electric sausage machine with a foot pedal. That's handy, because then you have your hands free. With the manual model, you operate the device with a crank.

How do you use a sausage filler?

You start by assembling the sausage stuffer. You also put the correct filler pipe on it. Each sausage filler model is supplied with four different sizes of filling pipes as standard. These determine the thickness of the sausage. You can tilt the reservoir / filling tube towards you and fill it with the ingredients you want to make your sausage from. Slide the casing for your sausage all the way over the filling pipe. Hold onto this when you start. With a manual sausage filler, you turn the crank with which you lower the pressure plate into the reservoir. This way you squeeze the meat in the reservoir out through the filling pipe. With your other hand, support the sausage at the end of the stuffing pipe. When filling the sausage, make sure that as little air as possible enters the casing. Stuff the casing as tightly as possible, but not so tight that you can no longer squeeze the casing to shape it. The automatic wrestling stuffer works the same, but here you don't have to turn it by hand, but you squeeze the meat out with an electric foot pedal.

Tip: Seasoning meat is a lot easier with a meat blender !

How do you clean a sausage filler?

It goes without saying that you should clean a sausage filler well after use. The reservoir and the filling pipe come into direct contact with the meat or fish and of course leftovers may remain. Fortunately, cleaning Maxima's sausage fillers is very easy. You can detach parts such as the reservoir and the filling pipe. These parts are made of stainless steel, so you can simply put them in the dishwasher. It is important to clean the pressure plate with a disinfectant. When all parts are clean again, you can reassemble the sausage filler with the same ease.

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