Sausage Fillers

With sausage fillers, you can quickly and easily fill your sausage creations, while distributing the meat evenly throughout. Maxima Kitchen Equipment offers both automatic and manual options, as well as vertical and horizontal sausage fillers in a range of sizes.

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What is a sausage filler?

It is extremely tricky to assemble a sausage manually. To ensure the best results, you'll need a special device in order to fill them. A sausage filler is just the ticket for this purpose and designed to make quick work of this difficult job. The machine itself consists of several parts: a large reservoir, a solid pressure plate and a filling tube. After filling the reservoir with minced meat, lower the pressure plate. This presses the meat and leads it through the filling tube. At the end of the tube you attach casings for your sausages, with the finished result taking no time at all. Thanks to a sausage filler, you can make large quantities of delicious sausages with minimal effort.

What types of sausage fillers are available?

Not every sausage filler works in the same way. As such, it's good to know what types of different varieties are available. For example, there are both horizontal and vertical sausage fillers to choose from. Some people find a horizontal variant easier to work with, with all parts the same height. A downside of these models is that they do tend to take up more working space than vertical ones. In addition, there is the differences between automatic sausage fillers and models that can be operated by hand. With the automated version, you work faster and allow your hands free during food processing. However, these models carry a higher price tag than manual sausage filler machines.

How to use a sausage filler

A sausage filler is very easy to use. Determine beforehand how thick the sausages should be, then choose the right filling tube for the size you've selected. Fill the reservoir of the machine with minced meat, provided it's already been seasoned beforehand. After this, you need to attach the sausage casing to the filling tube. These can be real casings, but it is also possible to use artificial casings. Hold the casing firmly with your hand, then turn the lever or press the button to move the pressure plate downwards. Now, slowly but surely, meat will begin to pour into the filling tube, allowing you to fill the casings for your finished sausages.

What to consider when buying a sausage filler

When selecting a sausage filler, there are a number of key things to consider. One, consider the size of the device you're after. Do you regularly make large quantities of sausages and want them prepped as soon as possible? If so, it's suggested you pick a model with a large capacity of ten to fifteen litres. In smaller kitchens where lower quantities are the order of the day, a model with a capacity of three to seven litres should be sufficient. In addition, it's worth looking at the sizes of filling tubes. The larger the tubes, the bigger your sausages can be. It's therefore worth buying a model that boasts several filling tube sizes.

How do you clean a sausage filler?

Since you fill sausages with raw meet, it's pivotal you clean your sausage filler after each and every use. You can do this simply by removing the loose food residue from the machine. However, before you do this make sure you remove the plug from the sausage filler. Remove the internal reservoir from the machine and disconnect the filling tubes. These stainless steel elements are easy to clean in the dishwasher. Then you'll want to clean the pressure plate. Do this with a disinfectant to ensure any bacteria is killed. Don't forget to clean the outer sides of the appliance. Scraps of meat will often cling to the outer casing so it's worth being meticulous with your cleaning. As soon as all parts are clean, you can reassemble the sausage filler and store it away, ready for use again in the future.

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