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Potato Peeling Machines for the lowest price

Washing and peeling vegetables become a whole lot easier when you have a potato peeler in your kitchen. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment, you can choose from different models with capacities ranging from 8 to 30 kilograms.

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What is a potato peeler?

If you have to peel many potatoes, beets or other vegetables in a short time period a potato peeler might be the right solution for you. Potato peelers have a large hopper that can accommodate a large volume of unpeeled vegetables. The walls of this hopper have a rough texture that literally scrapes the peels from the vegetables as the machine works. In addition to this, the appliance is also connected to a water supply in order to wash the vegetables as they are peeled. On average, the machine can peel a full load of vegetables in around two to three minutes.

How do you use a scraping machine?

Would you like to peel a large number of vegetables? Simply fill the potato peeler hopper with the vegetables that you want to prepare, without exceeding the machine's maximum capacity. Place the lid on the device, ensure that it is safely latched, and make sure that the water supply is connected to the machine to make the process easier and faster. Last, but not least, simply turn the machine on and your vegetables will be peeled in two to three minutes. After the machine completes its cycle, you can open the front cover to remove the peels and vegetables before filling the machine with a new load of vegetables.

What should you look out for when purchasing a potato peeler?

The most important consideration to take into account when purchasing a potato peeler is capacity. Make sure that you purchase a machine that can peel a large enough amount of vegetables per hour to accommodate your needs. Most machines can accommodate loads ranging from 8 to 30 kg of vegetables and can manage up to 20 cycles per hour. This translates to a maximum capacity of 160 kgs per hour. It is important to also keep in mind that larger models require more space and, as a result, big models may not be suitable for use in small kitchens.

What types of potato peelers are available?

When you decide to buy a potato peeler you have a choice of capacity as well as several other functions. For example, industrial potato peelers may have an easy to use control panel which can be used to operate the machine and it may include a start button as well as an emergency stop button, setting it apart from a standard potato peeler. With some upscale models, it is even possible to use a timer function so that the machine automatically stops after a preset amount of time has expired - a great way to save on energy bills in your kitchen. For smaller kitchens, however, normal potato peelers with simple functionalities are often a better choice since they are designed for use in areas with restricted space.

How do you keep a potato peeler clean?

Making sure that your food preparation equipment is clean is an important and essential part of food preparation; this also applies to your scraping machine. The outside of the device can be cleaned easily since it is manufactured using stainless steel and can be sanitised by wiping it down with a damp cloth and mild detergent. The inside of the machine can be cleaned in a similar way, but the bottom plate should be removed from the machine and washed. It is best to clean the machine and bottom plate by hand to prevent premature wearing. It is also important to regularly clean the water output nozzles and remove any residual waste from the waste container after every use to keep the machine working efficiently and hygienically.

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