Planetary Mixer

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Professional Planetary Mixer

In a professional kitchen it is very important to work with the right equipment. Good quality equipment makes it possible to work faster and  more efficiently. This way you can get much better results. Are you also looking for the best quality? Then our professional Planetary Mixer simply can’t miss in your kitchen!

With a planetary mixer you can easily mix and knead all sorts of ingredients. When you purchase your planetary mixer at Maxima Kitchen Equipment you will receive a dough hook and whisk. A complete machine for a very low price.

A Maxima Planetary Mixer is a powerful yet silent machine that operates at a very high speed. Our mixers are designed for professional use in commercial kitchens and catering businesses. We have put much effort in designing a product that is user-friendly, hygienic and safe. Anyone can operate our equipment and every planetary mixer is easy to clean.

In our collection of planetary mixer you will find a variety of mixers with different capacity. Whatever the size of your restaurant of café might be, there is always a suitable planetary mixer for your business. Capacities range from just 7 liters to 40 liters.

Do you have any questions concerning a specific planetary mixer? Do you need more information? Feel free to contact us! Our customer support service can be contacted by email, telephone or live chat (available 24/7 on the website). All of our employees are familiar with the catering industry and they can give you great advice and help you with your decision.