Planetary Mixers

Maxima Kitchen Equipment's professional planetary mixers are the perfect kitchen utensils for kneading, tapping, stirring, blending, and mixing a variety of liquid ingredients. Planetary mixers make workloads in kitchens a lot easier to handle, and should not be overlooked if you're in the hospitality industry.

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Which planetary mixers are the best?

The best planetary mixer for you is dependant on several things. When determining your ideal planetary mixer, your personal wishes, demands, and needs are the deciding factors. An important consideration is the mixing bowl size. Our compact kitchen mixers, for example, come with a 7-litre bowl. They are not only suitable for catering companies, but they also work well for smaller kitchens. Does your company process large quantities of batter and dough every day? If so, we have appliances designed especially for this purpose in our range. Maxima Kitchen Equipment has large planetary mixers in stock with mixing bowls of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 60 litres.

For which ingredients can you use a professional planetary mixer?

There are many different possible applications for a planetary mixer. These devices can rightly be called masters of everything. Planetary mixers are food processors with a wide range of applications, especially when it comes to mixing and beating baking ingredients. They are intended for mixing and kneading ingredients for dough, batter, cream, and whipped cream, among other things. In addition to making bread dough, you can also use a planetary mixer to make pizza dough. The maximum production capacity of the food processors with a 60-litre mixing bowl is around 30 kg of pizza dough and 24 kg of bread dough. The planetary mixers with a 7-litre bowl are suitable for the preparation of up to 2 kg of pizza dough and 1.5 kg of bread dough at a time.

How is a planetary mixer constructed?

Planetary mixers consist of a housing and a stationary stainless steel mixing bowl. The housing of 7-litre mixers is made of metal, while in the case of those with a 10-litre or larger bowl, it is made of cast iron. For smaller mixers, the mixing bowl is placed on a platform that is part of the housing. The larger mixing equipment is equipped with a suspension system for the mixing bowl and a solid base. Our planetary mixers are designed for intensive use in the hospitality industry and other professional kitchens. That's why this type of equipment has high user-friendliness, is easy to clean, and guarantees hygiene at all times. Please note that the aluminium parts of the 40 and 60-litre planetary mixers cannot be washed in the dishwasher. Planetary mixers have a separate start and stop button for extra ease of operation. There is also a safety switch.

Which accessories are included in the purchase of a catering planetary mixer?

When you order a planetary mixer from us, you will find everything you need to be able to start working immediately. In addition to a housing made of scratch-resistant coated metal or cast iron and a mixing bowl made of stainless steel, we also supply various accessories to our planetary mixers. Included in the price as standard are a dough hook or C-hook, a hardware wing, and a batter whisk. In the kitchen mixers of 7, 10, 20 and 30 litres, these accessories are made of stainless steel. If you order one of the 40 or 60-litre planetary mixers, dough hook and egg whisk is made of aluminium. For the batter whisk of the larger models, just like for the smaller models, stainless steel is used.

How do you clean and maintain planetary mixers?

For proper operation and hygiene, planetary mixers need to be cleaned just like other food processing equipment. The stainless steel dough hook, batter whisk and egg whisk can all be run through a dishwasher as normal. The other parts should be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Remember that the aluminium parts (40/60 liters) should also be cleaned by hand, as they cannot go in the dishwasher. The use of corrosive substances and abrasive materials should be avoided. Always make sure that the plug has been removed from the socket before cleaning the planetary mixer. On the MPM models, the gearbox must be checked regularly to determine whether it still has enough grease. To prevent corrosion, it is also necessary to grease the lift guides and lever regularly. Don't forget to replace the retaining ring in a timely fashion.

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