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Meat Mixers for the lowest price

Seasoning and preparing meat is made simple when using a meat mixer. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment, you'll find machines suitable for ten to twenty litres, enabling you to create a tasty base for every meat dish.

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What is a meat mixer?

When preparing a meat mix or savoury filling, you’ll have to knead the meat and mix it with herbs and spices for extra flavour. A meat mixer eliminates most of the work, meaning you no longer have to complete these tasks by hand, saving money and giving consistent results every time. The machine has a large reservoir with a mixing wing which is equipped with metal spatulas. When you move the mixing wing with a lever, the spatulas grind the meat, combining it with your added seasonings. Your hands stay clean, too, eliminating contamination issues.

What can you prepare with a meat mixer?

A meat mixer is a versatile tool if you regularly prepare meat dishes such as hamburgers, sausages or pie fillings. You can prepare all kinds of meat in the mixer. Simply prepare minced beef, pork or lamb. Then add the exact spices and flavours you like. The design of the meat mixer allows you to prepare a spicy meat base one minute, while the next trying delicious Italian flavours. Do you want to make a filling for a pie or do you want to create your own pâté? That is also possible by adding a little extra moisture to the mix to make a creamy consistency. By controlling your meat and moisture content you’ll always have the right texture for the dish you're preparing.

How do you use a meat mixer?

The great thing about a meat mixer is that it's easy to use, speeding up the food preparation process. Open the lid of the machine and put in the desired amount of meat. The machine has guidelines on how much meat to put in. Stick to the maximum content of the meat mixer, so the machine can easily distribute meat and seasonings evenly. Then add herbs or other seasonings to the reservoir. Close the lid and turn the handle to move the mixing wing. This ensures that the meat and herbs are mixed evenly with each other. Keep turning until the meat has the desired texture and then remove it from the machine.

What different types of meat mixers are available?

How do you clean a meat mixer well?

Until cooked, raw meat has a lot of bacteria, so it’s important to clean the meat mixer thoroughly after each use. This is relatively simple, as the handle and the mixing wing are easy to remove. Because these parts are made of stainless steel, they can simply be washed in the dishwasher. The meat mixer reservoir will need a little more attention. First, wipe off the majority of food residue with a dry cloth. Then use a wet cloth and a little detergent to kill all bacteria. Rinse the appliance once more with hot water, reattach the handle and the mixing wing, and your meat mixer is ready to use again.

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