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Grinding meat gives it a softer texture and allows you to use processed meat in a variety of unique dishes. A meat grinder makes the task of grinding meat safer and faster. You will find several different meat grinder models in the Maxima Kitchen Equipment range.

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What is a meat grinder?

Nothing compares to the taste of freshly prepared meat that has been seasoned in your own unique way. Ground meat can be used in sausages, hamburgers and other meat fillings, and a meat grinder is an excellent way to appropriately prepare it. Meat grinders have a large bowl into which you place lumps of meat. It is then forced into rotating blades that grind it down, pushing it through a disc with holes in to create the familiar ground meat texture. To adjust the texture of the meat, use coarser or finer hole sizes. Most meat grinders are fully automatic, which makes the process of grinding meat a lot less physically intensive.

What can you prepare with a meat grinder?

A meat grinder is a very handy device when you regularly prepare your own meat-based dishes. The powerful grinders can grind many different types of meat without much effort. Whether you prefer to work with pork, beef or chicken, the end result is minced meat that can be used in a variety of dishes and ways. You can, for example, make hamburgers from the minced meat but it is also a good sausage filling. Some grinders even allow you to fill sausage casings directly from the machine; simply add the required herbs in advance and your meat will be ready in no time.

What different types of meat grinders are available?

Every meat grinder has a different capacity; the bigger the grinder, the more meat can be processed in a given period of time. For example, our smallest model manages to grind 120 kgs of meat per hour, but we also sell models that can manage 220 to 320 kgs of meat per hour. Meat grinders come standard with a variety of interchangeable discs which have a hole diameter of six or eight millimetres, but you can buy additional accessories that will allow you to grind extra fine meat if needed. For those who prefer extra fine meat, a disc diameter of 3 millimetres is recommended.

How do you use a meat grinder?

Once you have a meat grinder in your kitchen grinding meat becomes a piece of cake. You simply need to place the meat in the dish and install the disc that you wish to use. The installed disc will determine the final texture that the minced meat will have. After this has been done it is time to turn the device on and begin pushing the meat into the grinder using a special stopper that comes with the grinder. The ground meat can be collected in a container and processed further to be used in a meal.

How do you properly clean a meat grinder?

When you work with raw meat it becomes extremely important to ensure that all your appliances and kitchen utensils are cleaned regularly. This also applies to food preparation machines such as meat grinders. The appliance should be cleaned thoroughly after each use which can be done by removing the grinding knives and discs from the device. Since they are made using stainless steel, they can be placed in the dishwasher safely. The insides of the meat grinder can be sanitised by removing any left-over meat particles and wiping the metal parts down with a clean damp cloth and some detergent. This way you can be assured that the appliance is completely clean and disinfected.

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