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Commercial Hamburger Presses for the lowest price

If you like to make fresh hamburgers, using a professional hamburger press will give great results. With these machines, you can make smooth and round burgers in no time. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment you will find both traditional and vertical hamburger presses in different sizes.

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What is a hamburger press?

Nothing beats the taste of freshly prepared hamburgers that you've made to your own recipe. It's possible to do the job by hand, but you can make the job easier for yourself when you use a hamburger press. These presses have a bowl or reservoir in which you put minced meat. Pull the lever and activate a pressure disc that pushes the minced meat down. The minced meat forms the round shape of the hamburger press so that you end up with a burger with the perfect dimensions. It is even possible to press the hamburgers on special hamburger sheets, so you can easily move and stack them.

What is the advantage of a hamburger press?

If you like to make your own burgers, you’ll know that it can take a lot of time. It's difficult to create the perfect round shape and to distribute the minced meat evenly. The great thing about a hamburger press is that you can always make identical burgers. Each piece of meat has the same diameter and the same thickness, so the cooking time of each burger is identical. Making it a lot more efficient and less messy. With these machines, you can create multiple burgers in a short time. This means that you never have to wait before you can start preparing your burgers: you always have a ready supply.

What different hamburger presses are available?

There are two different types of hamburger presses: traditional and vertical. The traditional has two trays: one for the minced meat and one for the hamburger sheets. Turn the handle and one of the trays presses on top of the other, creating a hamburger. The vertical hamburger press consists of one large reservoir in which you can store a few kilos of minced meat. Turn the handle and the minced meat fills a hamburger dish and is shaped into a hamburger. With a vertical hamburger press, you don't have to fill it with minced meat in between presses. Both types are available in different sizes.

How to use a hamburger press?

When using a traditional hamburger press, place a hamburger sheet in the minced meat tray and add a handful of meat to it. Turn the handle and the press will push the minced meat down so that it takes on the shape of the round dish. Remove the meat and repeat this until you have sufficient hamburgers. If you have a vertical hamburger press, fill the reservoir with minced meat. Then place a hamburger form at the end of the filling funnel. Turn the lever and a pressure plate presses on the minced meat, causing it to run out of the funnel. The meat fills the hamburger form, producing a perfect hamburger.

How do you clean a hamburger press?

Because a hamburger press is filled with raw meat, it is extremely important to clean it regularly. Thus keeping food preparation as hygienic as possible. Fortunately, hamburger presses are made of stainless steel, so that all loose parts can easily be washed in the dishwasher. With a vertical hamburger press, it is important to clean the reservoir well with a stainless steel cleaning agent. The outside of a hamburger press also needs to be cleaned, as it can contain meat remnants. Rinse the press again with water so that all the cleaning agent is removed. Once it is clean you can reassemble the machine and it's ready to use again.

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