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Commercial Food Processors for the lowest price

At Maxima Kitchen Equipment, you'll find food processors in all shapes and sizes. These machines take the hard work out of cutting, slicing and grinding of ingredients and are ideal for making sauces, fillings and all manner of dishes. They are available in a host of sizes, with capacities ranging from six to twelve litres.

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What is a food processor?

Cutting and mixing ingredients can take a lot of time. A food processor is on hand to make the job easier. One reason why is that these machines have a compartment with sharp blades, with these blades rotating as soon as you start the machine. The result is your ingredients are finely chopped in no time at all. Speed can vary from 1100 to 2800 rotations per minute. The faster the blades rotate, the finer the ingredients will be cut. As such, you can use a food processor to coarsely cut vegetables and meat, while also using them to make smooth soups and sauces.

What can you use a food processor for?

The great thing about a food processor is that they're incredibly versatile. Thanks to their sharp blades, you can even use them to cut through meat, hard nuts, uncooked vegetables and more. You can use them to make the most complex of dishes. Think of pesto, but also things like tapenade, delicious sauces and dressings. Would you like to whip up a tasty filling for a meat or pasta dish? This is also possible with a food processor, with the machine effortlessly cutting through all your ingredients. With one of these machines, you can create any texture required, whether you want to make a liquid sauce or something thicker for pasta dishes.

What you need to consider when buying a food processor

An important consideration when buying a food processor is the size of the appliance. Each food processor has its own capacity, with models typically available with six, nine or twelve-litre capacities. A large capacity is, of course, useful for when you need to prepare large quantities of ingredients, but the machine will also take up more space in kitchen storage. In general, larger food processors also have a higher wattage. This means the motor is more powerful, making it more easy to cut through tougher ingredients. But in most cases, even a smaller food processor is suitable for almost every type of food you'll be using in your kitchen.

How to use a food processor

Using a food processor is simple enough, but you need to take the right safety precautions in order to remain safe. Place all your ingredients within the processor's large inner chamber, then attach the lid to the device. You can do this by using two safety locks next to the chamber. It's also important you fasten the top of the lid itself. This way, you can ensure the lid stays in place when the processor is at work. Do not add any new ingredients to the machine once it is in operation. When your sauce, filling or recipe is ready, turn off the machine before emptying out the contents.

How do you clean a food processor?

When it comes to food processing, good hygiene is crucial. That's why all of our food processors are made of stainless steel. This material makes it easy to remove food residue and keep the machine spotless. It is important to clean the food processor after each use. Remove the plug from the machine and then remove the lid, ingredient chamber and chopping blades. Wipe the rest of the food processor with a wet cloth. You don't need any special detergent to clean the outside. We recommend to clean the lid, chamber and blades with a mild detergent and rinse it with warm water. Once all parts have been cleaned, you're free to reassemble the food processor and store it away, ready for next use.

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