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Dough Rollers for the lowest price

An automatic dough roller makes rolling out dough a lot easier. Maxima Kitchen Equipment has high-quality rollers that are suitable for several types of dough. The range includes both double and single dough rollers, as well as dough rollers that are ideal for rolling out fondant.

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What is a dough roller?

If you regularly work with different types of dough then you may benefit from an automatic dough roller. It allows you to roll out pieces of dough quickly and efficiently automatically, using two strong rolling rods that are driven by a machine. As soon as the dough touches the roller, it is thinned and stretched, leaving a dough sheet. Dough rollers can be adjusted to determine how thick the final piece of dough will be and how fast the dough roller will rotate. Different settings achieve different results, for example, to stretch delicate dough, it may be better to set the roller at a slower speed.

How to use a dough roller?

An automated dough roller makes rolling out dough easier and faster. However, you need to know how to use these rollers to get the best results. Remember to sprinkle your dough well with flour beforehand. This prevents the dough from sticking to the dough roller and gives neater results. It is also important to adjust the roller properly. Determine how thick you want your dough and adjust using the rotary knob on the side. If you have a model with a sensor, turn the machine on using a foot pedal or let the dough run automatically through the roller, then catch the dough at the bottom.

What types of dough rollers are available?

There is a big difference between double and single dough rollers. A single dough roller is ideal for making straight pieces of dough that you can shape yourself. For making round dough pieces, a double model is the best option. The dough is rolled out on both sides, creating a round shape that is ideal for making pizzas. In addition, you can choose between automatic dough rollers and models that are operated manually. Automatic models are activated when you place the dough in the machine. Manual models are in most cases operated with a foot pedal, so you have your hands free.

What should you consider when you buy a dough roller?

When selecting a dough roller, it is important to know what you are going to use it for. If you want to roll out pizza dough, or you are using it to roll out fondant, you can choose a roller specific to the job. There are special rollers available for both ingredients, where the texture of the rollers is slightly different. It's not just the type of dough you want to make that determines your choice when you make dough. The size of the sheets of dough that you want to roll will also affect your choice. The larger the dough roller, the larger the dough pieces will be. So if you want to make pizzas with a diameter of forty centimetres, you need to buy a dough roller of that size. There are also models available for smaller pizzas, with a diameter of thirty centimetres.

How do you clean a dough roller?

When preparing food, good hygiene is extremely important, so it's advisable to clean your dough roller regularly. First of all, unplug the machine. Then remove the different parts of the machine. The best way to clean these is to use a dry cloth as water will cause leftover flour to stick together in the machine, which will only make the dough roller even dirtier. Remove each roller from the machine and clean them, not forgetting the back of the dough roller and its casing.

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