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For spiral kneaders that can handle the really big work, you have to go to Maxima. From small kneading machines to industrial devices for no less than 130 liters of dough; we have the perfect size for every kitchen or bakery.
These robust machines are happy to take over the heavy work for you and are powerful but quiet. Kneading dough has never been so easy!

You can easily buy a spiral kneader online in our catering webshop. Always the best prices, top quality and quickly available from stock.

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What is a spiral kneader?

With a spiral kneader you can easily make large amounts of dough. Thanks to the powerful motor, it mixes all ingredients into a perfect, smooth dough. This machine is therefore also called a dough machine or kneading machine.
If you regularly have to knead large amounts of dough, it will cost you a lot of time and strength if you were to do this by hand. The machine owes its name to the dough hook / kneading hook in the shape of a spiral. Because not only the dough hook rotates, but also the stainless steel mixing bowl, all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. A spiral kneader therefore belongs in the professional kitchen of every restaurant and of every bakery, caterer and lunchroom.

What do you use a spiral kneader for?

A spiral kneader or kneading machine is especially useful when you regularly have to make large amounts of dough. This can be dough for fresh bread, but also for pastries, pie crusts and other baked goods. In addition, this device can handle other chores in the kitchen. Think, for example, of mixing minced meat and herbs. Put all the ingredients in the bowl and let the appliance do its job. This way you can be sure that all individual ingredients are perfectly mixed into the minced meat and you also save time during cooking. Most models have a handy timer; so you don't have to stay with your machine all the time. This leaves your hands free for other chores in the kitchen.

What should you pay attention to when buying a spiral kneader?

If you are going to use the device often, you will need a kneading machine with a powerful motor. Heavy products such as dough require a lot of force during mixing or kneading. Not only the power of the engine is important, but also its drive. The Maxima spiral kneaders are therefore driven with a strong chain and V-belts. When you add the robust materials such as the metal housing, durable coating and stainless steel parts, you arrive at a rock-solid dough machine that you can enjoy for a long time.

The capacity of the mixing bowl is also important. For occasional use or in a small kitchen, a small bowl will suffice. With intensive use or with large amounts of dough, a large mixing bowl for high capacity is a logical choice. Do you only occasionally work with (bread) dough and are you often kneading, beating, stirring, mixing or whisking in your kitchen? Then an 'all-round' machine such as a planetary mixer is more useful .

It is best to use a food processor to cut and grind ingredients for sauces, dressings and fillings.

How do you clean a spiral kneader?

A spiral kneader is a machine that you use often and therefore often clean. It is good to know that on most models the bowl and head are attached and cannot be removed. Fortunately, the mixing bowl is large enough in all cases so that you have the space to clean the bowl. A slightly damp cloth is sufficient for this. You can also use warm water with baking soda or a mild detergent. Make sure to dry everything thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Do not forget to clean the metal housing. Small bits of dough can also remain here.

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