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What is a Maxima vacuum sealer used for?

The purchase of a vacuum sealer helps you to keep your food longer without losing its flavour. Compared to traditional storage methods, you can increase the shelf life of food fivefold thanks to the vacuum process. When packaging a product with a vacuum sealer, you remove as much air as possible from the packaging before it is sealed. The packaged products have a longer shelf life because less oxygen can reach the food. This means fewer ingredients to throw away and a longer shelf life. A vacuum sealer has even more advantages: vacuum-packed food takes up less space, keeps the refrigerator cleaner and helps you to find the right ingredients faster in the refrigerator or freezer.

What foods can I pack with a vacuum sealer?

Make sure the products you want to pack are as fresh as possible. There are many foods that you can keep airtight such as fish and (smoked) meat, poultry, cheeses and fruit, sliced meats and fresh pasta. Do you want to vacuum-pack fresh vegetables? By blanching them first, you eliminate any enzymes that cause spoilage. You can also use a vacuum sealer just to seal.

How to use a catering vacuum sealer?

The vacuum sealer can be used with vacuum sealer rolls or vacuum bags. If you use a vacuum sealer roll, you make the bag by opening the lid and placing the open side of the film over the sealing bar. You seal the open side by closing the lid and clicking on the Seal button. Make sure that the sealing strip is even, completely flat, transparent and taut. If the sealing strip is not in order, cut it off and put the film in the device again.

If you work with vacuum bags, choose the right bag and put your product in it. Make sure you keep enough space between the contents of your bag and the opening, about five centimetres. To vacuum seal the product, place the bag with the opening on the sealing bar and close the lid. Click on the Start button to start the vacuuming process. You will hear a sound as soon as the bag is vacuum packed and sealed airtight. Always check that the top of the bag is properly sealed.

When packing delicate products, use the pulse function to give you an ideal way to control the vacuum. You press the Pulse button to activate this function. Press and hold the button to start the vacuum process. When you release the button, the vacuum process stops. Then seal the bag and remove it from the device. Vacuum sealers use reinforced plastic bags.

What is the difference between a vacuum sealer and a vacuum machine?

The main difference between a vacuum sealer and a vacuum machine is that the vacuum sealer does not have a vacuum chamber and the vacuum machine does. This means that when you use a vacuum sealer, the products are packed outside the machine. If you conserve food with a vacuum machine, the product will be packed a little tighter. The advantage of a vacuum sealer is that it is slightly more compact than a vacuum machine.

How do I clean a professional vacuum sealer?

As with all catering products, the maintenance and cleaning of your vacuum sealer are very important. You should clean a vacuum sealer with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. In addition, you should regularly check the sealing strip, change the pump's retaining ring in good time to prevent leaks and, when used intensively, replace the oil twice a year.

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