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Vacuum Pack Machines for the lowest price

Of course, keeping food fresh in a sandwich bag or in aluminium foil is an option, but with a vacuuming machine, you can pack your food in a professional way. With Maxima's catering vacuum-packers, you can keep your dishes and food fresh for longer and save space in your fridge or freezer. Maxima offers a wide choice of professional vacuum packaging machines, from tabletop models that can be operated by hand to industrial vacuum packaging machines for high production capacity.

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What can you use a Maxima vacuum packaging machine for?

A vacuum packaging machine is used to pack perishable products, whereby the machine extracts the air from the packaging. Because less oxygen is present, the packaged product has a longer shelf life. Sometimes up to five times longer than if you didn’t use a vacuum machine to preserve the product. For an optimal result, make sure that the products you want to pack are fresh. In addition to a longer shelf life, packaging food in this way also creates more space in your refrigerator or freezer. Furthermore, the transparent vacuum bags help you to quickly find the right food.

The vacuum machine can also be used for sous-vide cooking. Before you prepare the products, they are vacuum-packed first and then cooked in the vacuum packaging. This keeps the vitamins and flavour in the product.

What kind of food can I preserve with a vacuum packaging machine?

A vacuum packer can be used to preserve different types of food. For example, you can easily preserve meat or fish in portion-sized quantities. Cheese and meat products are also ideal for vacuum packaging. Do you work with liquid foods such as soups and sauces? These, too, can be kept longer if you pack them using a professional vacuum machine. Are you planning to preserve vegetables, mushrooms, garlic cloves or other seasonings? Before you vacuum-pack them, you should first blanch them. This will deactivate any enzymes in the food that might cause spoilage.

How do you use a catering vacuum-packaging machine?

First, you choose a vacuum bag with the right dimensions for the device and the food you want to pack. Put the food in the bag and set the vacuum time and temperature on the vacuuming machine. Then place the bag in the compartment. Make sure that you place the vacuum bag with the opening on the sealing bar in the vacuum chamber. Make sure that you leave about five centimetres between the opening of the bag and the contents to ensure a good seal. As soon as the vacuuming process starts, you can let go of the lid. The food bag is now vacuum-packed and automatically sealed airtight by heating. As soon as you hear the beep, remove the bag from the machine and check the seal. If it is even and transparent, the bag is properly sealed.

What should you pay attention to when buying a vacuum packaging machine?

Maxima has an extensive range of vacuum machines. The smaller vacuum packers are suitable if you only want to vacuum pack something from time to time. Both the small tabletop models and the large floor-based machines carry out all the work automatically and you only have to close the valve. Before purchasing a professional vacuum packing unit from Maxima, it is useful to assess how often you will need the machine. Also, look at the capacity of the vacuum chamber and the vacuum pump, these determine the size of the food you can pack with it. Do you have a lot of space in the kitchen? Then you can opt for a vacuum machine with a large vacuum chamber. If your space is limited, a handy tabletop model can be a solution. If you are going to need the appliance in several places in your kitchen, buy a mobile vacuum packer.

How do you maintain and clean a professional vacuum machine?

Regular maintenance contributes to a longer lifespan of your machine. Change the oil of your vacuum machine at least twice a year, monitor the condition of the retaining ring in the vacuum pump and check the sealing strip regularly. Clean vacuum packing machines with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

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