Maxima Deluxe Automatic Orange Juicer MAJ-26X

  • Maxima Deluxe Automatic Orange Juicer MAJ-26X
  • Maxima Deluxe Automatic Orange Juicer MAJ-26X
  • Maxima Deluxe Automatic Orange Juicer MAJ-26X
  • Maxima Deluxe Automatic Orange Juicer MAJ-26X
  • Maxima Deluxe Automatic Orange Juicer MAJ-26X

This product is a second-hand machine. View the photos and read the product description for information about possible damages and conditions. The price shown is already provided with a discount.

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    Our second-hand machines are machines that have been used as demo model or have suffered damage during transportation and are being resold at a considerable discount. Often these machines are as good as new but with some small scratches on either the machine or packaging. To ensure the highest quality, we check all machines extensively before they are published online. This check consists of maintenance and 3 days of intensive testing. In addition, we also offer a three month warranty on a second-hand machine. This way you always have a reliable machine at an extra competitive price. Please note that second-hand machines cannot be returned. When in doubt, you are always welcome to come by and view the product.

    Status: Demo model, no damage
    Condition: 100% working, checked and tested
    Warranty: 3 months carry-in warranty

    Product information

    The Maxima Deluxe Automatic Orange Juicer MAJ-26X is an automatic citrus juicer consisting of stainless steel containers, casing and upper basket. This citrus juicer by Maxima is a compact table model and does its job quick and good. A big advantage is the ease of cleaning. This Maxima Automatic Citrus Juicer MAJ-26X has a capacity of 8kg. You can use about 20 to 25 oranges per minute with this useful appliance. Below you can find all characteristics of the Maxima Automatic Citrus Juicer MAJ-26X:

    • Automatic orange juicer 
    • Compact and fast tabletop model 
    • Strong motor and juicing system with metal gears
    • Stainless steel housing, upper rack and bins 
    • 8 kg load capacity 
    • 20-25 oranges per minute 
    • Diameter oranges 40-90 mm
    • Maximum height bottle / glass 16 cm 
    • X-cross system to remove juicing mechanism in 1-GO
    • Dual juice filter to filter out seeds 
    • Pulp removing slider to clear the machine
    • Anticorrosive press parts 
    • Multiple safety switches 
    • On-off switch on the side 
    • Easy to clean 
    • Net weight: 45 kg 
    • Dimensions: H780 x W400 x D300 mm 
    • 230V/50Hz/1Phase 120 Watt 

    As an excellent client service and a good experience with our products is very important to us, we find it very important to continue helping you with all your questions after you bought your Maxima citrus juicer with us. For this we have our own in house technical service that loves to assist you with any questions and defects. Feel free to contact any of our staff. Aside from that we can also be of service in our showroom in Mijdrecht. Our sales specialists can tell you all about the Maxima citrus juicers in our range.

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